Magic: The Gathering & Charity part 2

A while ago, I wrote about starting a charity project for WWF’s tiger preservation & protection. Despite purchasing the cards and donating the money, I’ve only just gotten around to writing about the progress of this little pet project.

Artwork for Stalking Tiger (C) by Terese Nielsen.

So far, the deck’s clocked in at £30.94, and features at least one of (almost) every tiger I could find in MTG:

1 x Zodiac Tiger
1 x Jedit Ojanen of Efrava
2 x Springing Tiger
2 x Zarichi Tiger
2 x Riparian Tiger
3 x Seht’s Tiger
4 x Stalking Tiger
4 x Phantom Tiger
1 x Cave Tiger
1 x Scythe Tiger
2 x Primal Bellow
4 x Vines of Vastwood
4 x Tiger Claws
2 x Ethereal Armour
2 x Chosen By Heliod
1 x Divine Favour
1 x Spear of Heliod
2 x Rancor
13 x Forest
7 x Plains
1 x Selesnya Guildgate

I’ve tried to include all the tigers I could find (except for Sabretooth Tiger, just because I didn’t want to splash in red as well for just one creature. I’ve still bought four of them, though, and the amount spent is included in the amount donated!), with multiples of my favourites (Stalking Tiger in particular – just look at Terese Nielsen’s artwork above in its full resolution glory!). There’s even the elusive Zodiac tiger in there, because it’s a nice-looking card and (at £5 a pop) it was a good way to easily increase the amount donated to WWF.

I’ve played the deck against a few friends, and it’s actually working surprisingly well – thanks in no small part to the combo of the Phantom Tiger (a card which still makes me sad when you look at the artwork) and Spear of Heliod / Tiger Claws / Chosen by Heliod / anything that gives it +x/+1, since that makes it effectively immortal!

I’m enjoying this – it’s great to combine a (casual) hobby of mine with such an important cause, and one that’s very close to my heart. I think that I’ll be adding in some more cards like Spear Of Heliod soon, to increase the donated amount and to focus the deck more on buffing up the tigers. I’d also like to pick up some more interesting lands like Oran-Rief the Vastwood and Llanowar Reborn. Don’t worry, the focus will still be very firmly on only using tiger creatures and as many thematic cards as possible! I’ll definitely be working on this deck over the coming months and, as before, will be donating an equal amount to whatever I spend to WWF’s tiger preservation.

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Magic: The Gathering & Charity

I wouldn’t really consider myself a Magic: The Gathering player, though I do have a few decks I’ve made and really enjoy playing with / tinkering with (namely, my ‘Friends on the Other Side’ Jalira-led EDH deck (‘You’re changing, you’re changing, you’re changing alright, I hope you’re satisfied…‘) and my ‘Goblin Traders’ Legacy deck). I think that maybe it’s better to describe me as a very casual MTG gamer, one of the ‘kitchen table’ crowd. My enjoyment of MTG comes from playing cards that catch my fancy, and from the beautiful artwork on the lands – in fact, I’ve just recently finished picking up enough Islands that every land in my Jalira deck has a different artwork.

This is something I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned before on here, but I’m also very interested in environmental conservation. This is something that’s very important to me, and particularly tigers – I’ve adopted a tiger through WWF, and regularly donate towards their tiger protection in addition to this.

Artwork for Stalking Tiger (C) by Terese Nielsen. One of my favourite pieces of MTG artwork.

To get to the point here, I very recently realised that there are tiger cards in MTG. This piqued my interest substantially, of course, and so I’ve now decided to build a tiger-themed Legacy deck. Who knows how good it will be (probably not very!), but it’ll certainly be fun :) To combine the aforementioned two points, I’ll also be donating an amount to WWF’s conservation and protection of tigers equal to the amount I spend building the deck. So far I’ve found the following, but am welcome to any suggestions / deck-building tips / etc.

So thank you for bearing with me. I appreciate that this is something of a departure from my normal posts, but I’ll update when the first order arrives from TheTrollTrader & MagicMadHouse!

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[MtG] Angels and Dragons

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on my WordPress before that I play Magic the Gathering. Not very well at all, but it’s all good fun. I had a spare hour or so a few weekends ago while waiting for Fallout 3 to install, and decided to try my hand at building an EDH deck – I enjoyed it the last few times I played it (borrowing a friend’s deck), and kind of want to give it a proper go.

The ‘theme’ I had in mind was based around my general Aurelia, and her ability to let my creatures fight two combat rounds a turn. I’ve tried to go for hard-hitting creatures, accompanied by enchantments and the like that will buff up my creatures and enable them to hopefully and quickly smash through defences. After some trading at FNM, though, I am also now the proud owner of Gisela, Sword of Goldnight – so I’m not sure which angel will be leading my deck now! At the moment, though, I’m going for Gisela.


The deck itself…

1 x Gisela, Blade of Goldnight (General)

19 x Mountain
19 x Plains
1 x Boros Guildgate
Angelic Wall
Street Spasm
Avenging Arrow
Celestial Flare
Show of Valour
Swift Justice
Martial Law
Thraben Doomsayer
Angel of Jubilation
War Priest of Thune
Favoured Hoplite
Fanatic of Mogus
Dragon Hatchling
Skyknight Legionnaire
Hellkite Tyrant
Evangel of Heliod
Aurelia, the Warleader
Hellkite Charger
Utvara Hellkite
Minotaur Aggressor
Traitorous Instinct
Archwing Dragon
Colossus of Akros
Nav Squad Commandos
Serra Angel
Flameblast Dragon
Silverblade Paladin
Shattering Blow
Angelic Skirmisher
Frontline Medic
Akroan Hoplite
Elite Inquisitor
Guardian of the Gateless
Knightly Valour
Witchbane Orb
Angelic Overseer
Tajic, Blade of the Legion
Seraph of the Sword
Honour of the Pure
Madcap Skills
Furious Resistance
Chained to the Rocks
Herald of War
Rootborn Defences
Arrows of Justice
Wojek Halberdiers
Slumbering Dragon
Boros Keyrune
Act of Treason
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
Firemane Avenger
Conquering Manticore
Bellows Lizard
Master of Diversion
Aurelia’s Fury
Moonsilver Spear

The idea behind the deck is using recurring combat phases to quickly deal lots of damage to my opponent directly – an ideal turn would be Aurelia’s Fury tapping down most (if not all!) defending creatures, and then attacking three or so times with Aurelia and the Hellkite Charger. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

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