About me

Hi, my name’s Ben. I’m a twenty-something guy living in England in a flat with his wife. I work as an SEO admin / writer for an online webstore, which is good fun and gives me a little bit of money left after the bills each month. I enjoy playing Malifaux, board games, going to the gym, cycling, and playing my alto sax (both scored music and improvising). If you like my blog please comment and subscribe, it’d be great to see you again.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi. I came across your blog on Thousand sons Epic 40k. I just started myself. I have had only 2 games of epic but love it. I got some parts together to start a TS army. I see you have mini rubric marines, where did you get them? And any other tips on getting TS stuff?



    • Hi Ian! Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly where I got them – just that it was through a member of one of the specialised Epic forums (that’s not much help is it, sorry!). With regards to the other units, I usually just scour eBay until a good deal turns upand it helps that a lot of Warmaster models fit in the army too. I don’t get to play Epic enough nowadays, especially given the size of the armies I’ve got. Definitely need to get a big game in at some point!


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