Magic: The Gathering & Charity

I wouldn’t really consider myself a Magic: The Gathering player, though I do have a few decks I’ve made and really enjoy playing with / tinkering with (namely, my ‘Friends on the Other Side’ Jalira-led EDH deck (‘You’re changing, you’re changing, you’re changing alright, I hope you’re satisfied…‘) and my ‘Goblin Traders’ Legacy deck). I think that maybe it’s better to describe me as a very casual MTG gamer, one of the ‘kitchen table’ crowd. My enjoyment of MTG comes from playing cards that catch my fancy, and from the beautiful artwork on the lands – in fact, I’ve just recently finished picking up enough Islands that every land in my Jalira deck has a different artwork.

This is something I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned before on here, but I’m also very interested in environmental conservation. This is something that’s very important to me, and particularly tigers – I’ve adopted a tiger through WWF, and regularly donate towards their tiger protection in addition to this.

Artwork for Stalking Tiger (C) by Terese Nielsen. One of my favourite pieces of MTG artwork.

To get to the point here, I very recently realised that there are tiger cards in MTG. This piqued my interest substantially, of course, and so I’ve now decided to build a tiger-themed Legacy deck. Who knows how good it will be (probably not very!), but it’ll certainly be fun :) To combine the aforementioned two points, I’ll also be donating an amount to WWF’s conservation and protection of tigers equal to the amount I spend building the deck. So far I’ve found the following, but am welcome to any suggestions / deck-building tips / etc.

So thank you for bearing with me. I appreciate that this is something of a departure from my normal posts, but I’ll update when the first order arrives from TheTrollTrader & MagicMadHouse!

Take care,



4 thoughts on “Magic: The Gathering & Charity

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