Scum v Scum – X-Wing battle report

Since I’ll be attending my first X-Wing tournament in just a few weeks, I thought I’d better get some practice in. Despite having been to many Malifaux tournaments before, I’ve never attended an X-Wing one, so I’m oddly nervous. Luckily, a friend who’s a bit more au fait with the tournament scene was kind enough to let me play a couple of games last week.

ig-88The first game started off with his Firespray and M3-A Interceptors deployed in one corner, with the Interceptors facing along his board edge. I opted for the simpler deployment of both my IG’s facing straight forward, with a decent bit of a gap between them. The game started with his Firespray turning towards the centre of the board, while the Interceptors raced along his deployment zone and my IG’s moved forwards. A few shots were traded, with IG-88B losing a couple of shields and taking Kath Scarlett’s shields down in response. Next turn, his Firespray moved to the middle of the board while the Interceptors swung around to face the IG2000’s. I revealed what I thought was a rather clever K-turn with IG-88B, which I thought would place him neatly on the other side of Kath Scarlett and ready to attack at range one. However, I’d misjudged the distance by a little bit and, rather than the graceful manoeuvre I had imagined, IG-88B ploughed straight into the side of the Firespray, becoming a sitting duck for the Interceptors whose heavy laser cannons promptly tore him apart. Facing three enemy ships by himself, IG-88C didn’t last long before the relentless barrage of heavy laser cannon fire took him down too. Lesson learnt – make sure to target the biggest threat in your opponent’s list first, rather than assuming you can just leave the little three-hull ships ’til last!

20161109_192022We played a rematch, and this time his Interceptors were placed on the far side of the board, with Kath facing the same way next to them. I set IG-88B up at the edge of my deployment zone, with IG-88C at a jaunty angle so he could follow in behind him this time. Both Aggressors moved forward, while the Interceptors moved forward at full speed and barrel-rolled to move away from the edge of the board. Kath, on the other hand, swung around to move diagonally towards my ships. IG-88B and C proceeded to conga line across the board, taking out an Interceptor early on. A mix of luck and the boost action kept them out of Kath’s firing arcs for three turns, giving them time to put down the other Interceptor. Two ships against one now – the odds seemed far more in my favour this time. Kath danced around, laying down some more damage and stripping the shields from IG-88B before I managed to get them both positioned behind her, revealing IG-88C’s dial first so that his fellow assassin droid bumped into the back of him rather than Kath – no action, but it meant both Aggressors could shoot the Firespray. And, in a final volley, my IG’s managed to finish off Kath and secure a victory.

20161109_201102So, I definitely need to work on my target priority. I think part of this is just that I don’t play X-Wing as frequently as Malifaux. Still, I’ll hopefully be getting a few more practice games in before the event itself!

Take care,



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