Planning for my first X-Wing tournament

I’ve recently bitten the proverbial bullet and signed myself up to an X-Wing tournament. Despite attending various Malifaux tournaments whenever I can, I’ve never been to an X-Wing tournament before. I’m not entirely sure what to expect, so to counter-balance this I’ve decided on a favourite simple list. At least this way, I won’t have to remember too much about my own ships!

IG-88B (36)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
Advanced Sensors (3)
IG2000 title (0)
Black Market Slicer Tools (1)
Autothrusters (2)

IG-88D (36)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
Advanced Sensors (3)
IG2000 title (0)
Black Market Slicer Tools (1)
Autothrusters (2)


(C) Fantasy Flight Games

IG-88 is my favourite pilot to fly in X-Wing – aside from being a cool character, I love his unique ability to share his pilot talent with his fellow brobots, and the concept of a large-based ship that flies like a small-base fighter really appeals to me. Both ships are fundamentally identical in-game as they have the exact same upgrades, and the IG2000 title lets them share pilot abilities too. Hopefully it’s a fairly well-rounded list – the Heavy Laser Cannon is always good for damage, while the Black Market Slicer Tools are there to deal with (or at least discourage) any enemy ships that decide to stress themselves. The Autothrusters should help IG-88 against any out-of-arc attacks, while the Advanced Sensors will let me take an action before revealing a red manoeuvre such a S-loop, for example. They’re a particular favourite of mine with IG-88D, since he opens up even more options for sneaky turns with his pilot ability.


(C) Lucasfilm

On the subject of pilot abilities, IG-88B and D tend to be my two go-two pilots. A’s pilot ability, while great, is really situational – it’s perfect against a TIE swarm, but not so great against a two-ship list. IG-88B seems to be everyone’s favourite, and it’s not hard to see why. His ability is one that will almost always be helpful at least once per game, especially given the IG2000’s double cannon slots. I do really like IG-88C’s ability, since action economy is always a good thing. However, of the two, IG-88D wins out by a millimetre with his extra S-loop options. I love being able to alter the dial after it’s been revealed, so his ability is right up my street. Of course, in an ideal world I’ll be playing a 200pt game or epic so I can take all four, but for this tournament I’ve decided to go with B and D.

To be honest, the main reason I’ve signed up is to meet other players, play against new lists and just have a fun day of X-Wing games. I don’t feel like I get to play quite enough games of X-Wing, so this’ll be a great way to get my fix. Plus, it’s during peak rush period at work, so a day off playing Star Wars sounds like a perfect way to relax.

I’ll do my best to write a report of how the day goes, and on the exploits of my brobots. Wish me luck!

Take care,



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