X-Wing narrative campaign update

First off, apologies for my silence over the last couple of weeks. It’s been a busy fortnight, compounded by running Malifaux demos all day at our local ComicCon which, if I’m honest, was pretty tiring and burnt me out somewhat by the end of the weekend! In between pulling overtime at the office and working out at the gym, I haven’t really had much time to do any modelling, so sadly things like my Frostgrave warband haven’t progressed at all.

However, at my local club, I’ve been participating in a narrative X-Wing campaign a friend is running. Each player has one ship to pilot, and we all fly as one squad against GM-controlled Imperial forces through various story missions. It’s great fun, and you can see all the rules here if you want. I started off with an X-Wing, managing to upgrade it with an Engine Upgrade and BB8… before an opportunistic TIE Fighter pilot shot me out of the sky. My pilot survived, but the X-Wing (and its upgrades) were totalled.

A-wing concept art by Ralph McQuarrie.

A-wing concept art by Ralph McQuarrie.

Time to purchase a new ship for my pilot so she could fly in the next mission. I toyed with going for an X-Wing again, but finally made the decision to fly an A-Wing instead – I’ve always played the Empire in regular games of X-Wing, and hoped the speed and agility of the A-Wing might be close enough to my beloved TIE Interceptors that I’d feel more at home piloting it!

The result, after the next game, was yes – A-Wings are so much fun to fly and fit my preferences far more than any other rebel ship! By the end of the game, my little A-Wing had clocked up an impressive kill-count of three TIE Interceptors (over 33% of my total kill count over the whole campaign so far!), as well as hounding a Lambda Shuttle for a good half of the game and stripping away most of its shields. I really enjoyed flying it, so my current challenge is to create an A-Wing centric squadron for use in regular games. I’ve also got ideas to repaint at least one of my A-Wing models, so hopefully that will kick-start my painting mojo once more.

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