Malifaux: Heartfaux 2016

20160514_201512At the weekend, I headed down to York to join in with Heartfaux – a Malifaux tournament with a twist, where the money goes to the British Heart Foundation charity. Long-time readers of this blog will know my love of Malifaux and raising money for charity, and it was great to be a part of – last time I saw, tournament ticket sales and the raffle had raised £475, which is incredible.

My first game pitted me against Perdita in Interference. I took Colette – partially for her positioning shenanigans, and partially as I’d been driving for over two hours since 6:45am and wanted the master I felt most comfortable using! I made the classic mistake of not taking enough models, and found myself out-activated by the pack of Guild Hounds Perdita brought along. Despite that, my Union Miners did a great job of scoring the full VP for Convict Labour, and the Arcane Emissary managed to roll through a flank, either killing or engaging Guild models. Perdita managed to gun down Cassandra thanks to a hand full of high masks, and the game ended in a draw. Not a bad start to the day!

20160514_111348The second game was Extraction, and once again I opted for Miss du Bois. This time, my opponent took the Viktorias along with a plethora of Henchmen & Enforcers including Vanessa, Johanna, Sue and Taelor. The first turn lulled me into a false sense of security as the Outcasts advanced cautiously, not really doing much. My Malifaux Raptor tied up a couple of models, while Colette did the age-old trick of using Prompt‘s Final Act trigger on Myranda, slingshotting her upfield where she changed into Luther, killing Johanna and Leaping back onto the informant marker. However, turn 2 showcased the full power of the Viks as Blood was buffed up to the max, discarding Oathkeeper to dash into my crew and murder most of the models on the centreline. This did let me score the maximum VP from Set Up, though, and with a few more VP from Convict Labour the game ended with a 6-5 victory for my Arcanists.

20160514_133508The final game was Collect The Bounty, a strategy which I haven’t really played before. My opponent declared Arcanists too, taking the terrifying combo of Ramos with Joss and Howard. Again, I went with Colette – aside from being my favourite master to use, she’s excellent at Headhunter and I figured the extra Prompt attacks would be ideal to finish off enemy models. I also took Howard / Miss Step, along with Cassandra and a couple of Coryphee. The first turn saw both of us skirting around a small copse of trees in the centre of the board before his Reactivate-ing Howard finally made the first move, Nimble walking in and murdering one of my Coryphee before I could form a duet. In retaliation, Miss Step used Flurry to kill Howard. Joss moved to attack Colette, though I managed to keep her alive with high cards from my hand and burning through soulstones at an alarming rate. Miss Step killed Joss too, and took a battering from Johanna’s Relic Hammer before taking her out too. The Arcane Emissary finally killed Miss Step, and Cassandra finally managed to kill the one peon in my opponent’s crew, scoring Hunting Party. The game ended with a draw again.

20160514_154524It was a very enjoyable day, and many thanks to all my opponents as well as the event organisers. Roll on Heartfaux 2017!

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2 thoughts on “Malifaux: Heartfaux 2016

  1. A win and 2 draws is a great result; well done. That you were able to do well in all three games using Colette really showcases her versatility.

    How do you find the Union Miners in the new GG2016 schemes? Other players had suggested that the stipulation for most schemes to have the markers separated by more than 2″ was a bit of a blow to them.

    • Thank you! Colette is well suited to most schemes and strategies, though she is my most-used master so I think that familiarity helps in a tournament situation. I didn’t find the restriction on placing scheme markers with False Claim to be too much of an issue – I think that the way a lot of the “offensive scheme marker” Gaining Grounds 2016 schemes require the markers to be within 4 inches of a model helps to give you a decent range of placement options. Even schemes like Convict Labour give you more leeway with placement now, so I think it’s more of a concern with the regular schemes.

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