Catching up

This week has been a week of progress, really – working on various projects but not quite finishing any of them. I’m off to a tournament next weekend, so I’ve been trying to finish painting various models in time. First up, there’s the Night Terrors – 3ss Insignificant Minions who Marcus can hire (thanks to their Beast characteristic). I based them off the lesser short-nosed fruit bat, mixing up Doombull Brown with Mechanicum Red and a touch of black to create a reddish-brown base colour for the fur. This was then mixed with Skrag Brown for the highlights, with Midnight Blue used for the wing membranes. The eyes are, of course, in bright blue like all my non-Arcanist beasts, to tie them together and give the impression of Marcus’s formidable will.

DSCF7839DSCF7834I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing with their clothes. At the moment they’re just black, and I’m quite keen to try and avoid drawing attention to them. I may just go for a dark grey colour, to try and keep them as unobtrusive as possible. Opinions are more than welcome! :)

I’ve also been re-basing all of my Arcanists. It’s not as big a task as it sounds – rather than replacing the bases, I’ve decided to add cogs and the like to each model’s base. It’s looking good so far, giving a little bit more interest without becoming a focal point, and lends itself well to the steampunk feel that I like. It’s quite time-consuming, though, glueing each cog down before painting it in three coats of paint (black, Warplock Bronze, Boltgun Metal). I’ve only finished about a third of my collection, so my chances of finishing before the tournament look slim…

DSCF7841Oh, I’ve also finished Lindsey Stir-er, I mean Lust at last (when this came on my playlist while painting, I took it as a sign to get on with her at last!). She seems to be one of the Crossroads Seven people advocate taking outside of her native faction, so I might have to give her a go at some point.

And finally – my Deadzone kickstarter has arrived, so I’ll be trying that out again. I still haven’t finished painting even a single Enforcer yet, due to my stupid idea of hand-painting each armour plate individually. Still, it’ll be good to give it a go again, as I remember rather enjoying it last time I played it.

Take care,



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