Malifaux: Assembling Night Terrors

The latest additions to Marcus’s menagerie! At 3ss each, Night Terrors are a great way to bulk out a crew with additional minions, and offer a few tricks to limit your opponent’s Sh and Ca abilities.

20160503_082609These guys took a little longer than usual to build, but they look gorgeous. I’d recommend gluing the claws onto their wings first, then assembling the rest of the Night Terror as this makes the arms a lot easier (speaking from experience!). I particularly like how each one comes with its own bit of ruins to perch on.

20160503_082637My personal favourite Night Terror. I’ve taken to calling him Damien, though I can’t remember why. The name came about while I was assembling him rather late at night (very late at night), and it’s kind of stuck!

I’m looking forward to painting the little guys. Little is a relative term here, as due to the crumbling masonry they’re perched on they take up a surprising amount of space in my case! I’ll be painting them in a bat-inspired colour scheme, probably leaving the clothes in quite muted colours so they don’t stand out too much. And, like all my non-Arcanist beasts, the eyes will be blue to represent Marcus’s control over them. I’ll be attending a tournament in a couple of weeks, so they’re high up on the priority painting list.

And finally, my progress so far on Luther. I’m pleased with the way his teeth and eyes look, so I just need to decide how I’m painting his jacket now. Any suggestions are welcome!

IMG_20160502_182441Take care,



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