Malifaux: Metal Gamin errata

A while ago, Wyrd released an errata which made a couple of major changes to the Arcanist’s Metal Gamin. (Quite a while ago – I meant to write this post a lot earlier, sorry!) Now that the dust seems to have settled, how are our diminutive little friends faring?

Metal Gamin

(C) Wyrd Miniatures

The first change was one that I think we’ve all seen coming for a while now, and that’s a rewriting for clarification on their Tactical Action Protection of Metal. It’s now very specific that they can’t use it on Metal Gamin at all, either themselves or a nearby Metal Gamin (this is to get around the ‘…friendly Metal Gamin within 3″…’ part of the rule, as models always count as being within range of themselves). It’s nice to have this cleared up, and I don’t think it hurts them too much – after all, they’re still Df 5. Now, they’re clearly intended as support models, helping another model to hold an area – ideal for Turf War or Squatter’s Rights (possibly even Reconniter, once they and their partner get into a table quarter to try and lock it down).

The second change is the removal of the Hard To Kill ability from the front of their card. If I had to guess, I would imagine that the Mechanical Rider had no small part in this change – being able to summon a significant minion with 2 wounds and Hard To Kill as a (0) was pretty good, after all. They still have their Armor +2, so should still take a couple of hits to put down, but aren’t the auto-select when it comes to Revel In Creation any more. As an aside, I’ve always liked summoning Fire Gamin myself – they’re fast enough to be good scheme runners, and have a decent ranged attack for their cost.

So how much do these changes affect the Metal Gamin? Personally, I don’t think that the changes are that big a deal. Df 5 and Armor +2 is still pretty good for a 4ss minion even without Hard To Kill, and it always felt a little odd using Protection Of Metal on itself. I’ve left my old Metal Gamin tactica post intact, but added an addendum to the bottom mentioning the changes, and that some of the points I wrote aren’t applicable any more.

In other news, I splashed out a little at Easter to pick up the few missing Arcanists from my collection (Union Miners and the Mobile Toolkit), as well as some Night Terrors for Marcus, and the Amphibious Assault & Twisted Alternatives story boxes. I can also now wear my allegiance loud and proud!

20160404_18351320160404_183543Take care,



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