Catching up with painting

It’s been a while since I put up any pictures of models I’ve been painting – in fact, most of these were painted back in 2015…

DSCF7808First up, reinforcements for the Cult Of December in the form of the impressive Snow Storm and a couple of Silent Ones. I wanted Snow and Storm to be in different colours, but both still thematic. I ended up going for a grey-white colour for Storm’s fur, starting with Games Workshop’s Astronomican Grey and working up to a final highlight of pure white. To add a little contrast, I painted the claws and horns in a darker grey, mixing Army Painter matt black and white for highlights until I was happy with the finish.

DSCF7812I ended up trying something new with Snow, starting off by painting her cloak and dress in the same grey as Storm’s basecoat. I then started mixing in white and a bit of blue, before washing the cloth a couple of times with Games Workshop’s Asurman Blue. I’m happy with how this turned out, since it gives her a similar-yet-different colour to Storm. Finally, I picked out the fur trim in dark grey and painted her flesh in my usual manner, albeit with added white on the final coats to give her a more cold, otherworldly look.

DSCF7820The Silent Ones were painted in a similar fashion to the December Acolytes, focusing on whites and greys with touches of blue here and there to tie them together and add a contrast colour. I kept the hair raven-black, though having recently seen a picture of someone else’s models with superb blonde hair, I might go back and re-do one of them… I picked out the masks with matt black, then painting them with silver to draw the eye to them.

DSCF7823DSCF7826Angelica has been on my wish list for ages, so when she was available on Black Friday I jumped at the chance. I’ve been using her in most games since, as she’s a great choice for most crews (spoiler alert – there may be a Tactica Tuesday post on her coming soon!). I stuck pretty close to the artwork when it came to painting her, going for a bold red dress with contrasting lilac feather boa. The claws on her glove are picked out in Games Workshop’s mithril silver, though they’re so small the colour doesn’t really show unless you’re looking closely. Finally, the stool she’s stood on was painted in my favourite Midnight Blue.

I’ve pretty much finished painting all my Arcanists – however, we have just had the Wyrd Easter sale, and I have to confess that I picked up a few more members of the M&SU there. (I’m particularly looking forward to running Union Miners, as I can see them synergising well with most of the Arcanist masters). I do still have some members of the Crossroads Seven to finish as well – in particular, I’m finding Pride hard to paint as I can’t decide on a suitable colour scheme for him.

Other than that, I’ve had a bit of a resurgence in regards to my Wood Elves – I still don’t know when they’ll next see the gaming table as I’m not really fussed about Age Of Sigmar, but I do enjoy painting them. The current projects include a Glade Lord on Great Stag, a Spellweaver on Unicorn – once I can decide what base size he should be on – and around 35 Glade Guard. Don’t hold your breath, though – they’ll be on the backburner once again as soon as the latest Wyrd order arrives.

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