Scrap at the Steelworks Tournament @ The Outpost

I attended tournament #2 of the year last weekend at The Outpost in Sheffield. It was also the first Malifaux tournament my wife has attended – she really enjoyed herself, winning her first game 5-3. She seems quite interested in attending another tournament some time too…

My first game was against a familiar face, Paul, who I played about 18 months ago at a different tournament. The strategy was Guard The Stash, one that I have to admit I haven’t played that much before, with a scheme pool of Convict Labour, Hunting Party, Leave Your Mark, Covert Breakthrough, and A Quick Murder. Paul opted for Yan Lo, accompanied by Yin, the Shadow Emissary, Mr Tannen, Chiaki and a Guild Pathfinder, with Covert Breakthrough and A Quick Murder for his schemes. I opted for Ms Anasalea Kaeris, with the Grab & Drop and Blinding Fire upgrades to try and push his models off the markers late in the turn. The rest of the crew comprised of the Mechanical Rider, Arcane Emissary, Angelica and a couple of Gunsmiths, and I went for Leave Your Mark and Covert Breakthrough for my schemes. The game ended in a very close 9-8 victory for Paul, and was very enjoyable. I do love using Kaeris – she’s definitely one of my favourite masters to use.

Arcanist - KaerisGame two put me in the familiar position of facing Lady Justice. With a strategy of Headhunter (scheme pool was Convict Labour, Show Of Force, Exhaust Their Forces, Neutralize The Leader, and Public Demonstration), I opted for Colette with the intent of using her Prompt to pick up heads after they’d dropped. However, I hadn’t expected my opponent to run two Executioners, whose Trail Of Gore action and ability to ignore defensive triggers cut through my showgirls like the proverbial hot knife. I’ll be the first to admit I made a couple of stupid errors too with my placement, and the game ended with no Arcanists left on the board and an 8-6 loss for me.

Onto game three – Reconnoiter, Convict Labour, Take Prisoner, Hunting Party, Set Up and Frame For Murder – and again Lady Justice appeared opposite me. This time I’d opted for Kaeris again, along with a hard-hitting crew of Howard Langston, the Arcane Emissary, Mechanical Rider and a Gunsmith. I managed to take Justice out of the game fairly early, though it took a lot to put her down (Howard using Flurry, followed by Kaeris charging and finally managing to finish her off with Grab & Drop). Despite Howard being killed shortly after, the rest of the game went far better, ending with an 8-1 victory for Kaeris.

Many thanks to Adrian for organising the day, and to all my opponents – it was a really enjoyable time. I need to take another look at the UK calendar and work out which one I can attend next now!

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