Shattered Heart Tournament @ The Grid

Last weekend was the Shattered Heart Malifaux tournament at the Grid in Doncaster. Also the first tournament I’ve been to this year – though I’m making up for that by going to another one in a few weeks!

My first game was against Paul, who I’d previously played against in the final round of the Doubles Tournament at Element Games last year. We both ran the same factions as before, with the strat & scheme pool featuring Interference, Search The Ruins, Exhaust Their Forces, Mark For Death, Hunting Party, and Convict Labor (standard deployment). His Resurrectionists were led by Molly, accompanied by Phillip, a couple of Necropunks, the Carrion Emissary and a Belle. I opted for Marcus with Arcane Reservoir, The Hunger Cry and The Trail Of The Gods, along with Myranda (Imbued Energies), two Molemen, two Canine Remains, a Razorspine Rattler, and the Rogue Necromancy (Imbued Energies). I opted for Search The Ruins and Convict Labour – intending to use the Molemen, Canine Remains and (if needed) the Razorspine Rattler to litter the board with scheme markers. The Razorspine and Canine Remains did their job of flanking pretty well, but Molly’s summoning kept the bulk of my models occupied on my half of the table. Unfortunately this – and the Emissary’s Shard markers – stopped me being able to target Phillip with my hard-hitters, who was casually destroying scheme markers as fast as my Molemen could lay them! When Marcus and Myranda finally managed to break through into Paul’s half, it was too late as the game ended with a 6-5 victory for Paul. It was a great game, and congrats again to Paul for winning Best Sport and 2nd place.

Game two pitted Arcanist against Arcanist, with Squatter’s Rights for the strategy and a scheme pool of Catch And Release, Exhaust Their Forces, Detonate The Charges, Show Of Force, and of course Convict Labor. I went for Exhaust Their Forces and Catch And Release, choosing Ramos (with Arcane Reservoir) to lead the crew with the intent of summing enough spiders to swarm the Squat markers. Howard Langston (Imbued Energies) and Joss (Bleeding Edge Tech, Open Current) accompanied him, along with a Fire Gamin, Angelica (Imbued Energies) and the Arcane Effigy – and an Electrical Creation to start the spider summoning. Daniel took Mei Feng, along with Howard, Joss, The Captain and Kang for a lethal anti-construct crew. The sheer number of positive flips he was getting put down my models pretty fast, but thanks to taking three of the Squat markers early on, controlling them for most of the game and consistently Exhausting and Tagging his models, I was able to win 9-8 despite being tabled and having no models left at the end.

Game three was also against another Arcanist player, with Headhunter for the strategy and the scheme pool featuring Undercover Entourage, Exhaust Their Forces, Catch And Release, Leave Your Mark, Convict Labor. David took Toni Ironsides, along with The Captain, Mouse, two Gunsmiths and Johan. Having been awake since 5:30am, I decided to opt for my favourite master, Miss Colette du Bois. I’ve mentioned before that she’s the master I’m most comfortable / confident using, and the out-of-activation actions she can Prompt models to do have worked well when I’ve used her for Headhunter in the past. Colette took Arcane Reservoir and Shell Game, accompanied by Cassandra (Smoke & Mirrors), Howard Langston, Angelica (Practised Production), the Arcane Emissary (Arcane Conflux), and a Mannequin. Leave Your Mark was an obvious choice given the number of scheme markers a Colette crew generally drops, and I opted for Undercover Entourage on Colette given her mobility. However, I made the fatal mistake of splitting my forces too far apart which, combined with Johan flipping nothing but face cards for 90% of his attack and damage flips, put Howard and the Emissary down fast. Cassandra did a stellar job of scoring 3vp for Leave Your Mark, but despite decapitating a Gunsmith a failed Prompt (damn you Black Joker!) stopped her from collecting the head before The Captain and his mighty 3″ melee range stopped her from interacting. Colette teleported herself halfway across the board at the end of turn 5 to score the full points for Undercover Entourage, but the two heads David had managed to collect pulled him ahead for a final score of 8-6.

It was great fun, and all of the games ended with only 1 or 2 vp difference. I just enjoy being able to play my favourite game for the whole day! As for learning – I’m still not making the most I can out of Marcus’s Law Of Meat action. It’s an incredibly powerful action, and I know I need to use it more in-game.

I took a few pictures as well which are up on my instagram account – however, due to my focus being on Malifaux and not my camera, I forgot to set it to macro mode so they are a little blurry!

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