Malifaux: Painting Marcus

I mentioned at the start of the year that one of my resolutions is to use Marcus more – indeed, I promised to do a ‘Marcus Month’ where I use him in all my games (does that include tournament games?), write posts here about him and his crew, and generally pay 100% of my Malifaux-attention to the beastmaster. As it turns out, I’ve been using Marcus pretty exclusively throughout January, so let’s make an official start on this and call February Marcus Month.

I painted his crew box a while ago, so here they are.

DSCF7735The beastmaster himself, Marcus. I enjoyed painting him, and used a custom blend of paints for his skin tone, working up with highlights before washing with my favourite Lavado Fleshtone Shade. His clothes were kept in neutral colours, with the stitches picked out in a brighter white. Finally, I did his hair in a deep black and painted his Shillelagh in a lighter brown to add a bit of contrast.

DSCF7737I love how Marcus’s mate, Myranda, is McMourning’s niece. To reference this family link, I painted her hair in the same vibrant red as McMourning. The rest of the model was kept fairly muted, going for natural browns and greys for her clothing. The exception is her weapons, which were painted with a muted silver colour.

DSCF7738Marcus’s totem, the mythical Jackalope. I love this little guy – the model is really characterful, and I really enjoyed painting it. To make the little guy ‘pop’, I opted for a white fur colour with liberal amounts of Games Workshop’s Blood For The Blood God paint splashed around its mouth. Sadly, I never seem to use the Jackalope in-game – and, with Hunting Party being one of the ‘main four’ schemes in Gaining Grounds 2016, I can’t see him hitting the table often in the future as he’s just an easy few VP. Still, as part of Marcus Month I will ensure he sees play at least once!

DSCF7603I’ve written about Cojo before (you can read it here). I’ve used him once or twice, usually by having Myranda Shapechange into him for some scheme marker denial late-game.

DSCF7744The Razorspine Rattler was fairly painful to assemble – literally, as I kept stabbing his spines into my fingers! It’s another lovely model, though, and I went for a classic snake green. A base coat of old Games Workshop Dark Angel Green was drybrushed and then highlighted with lighter colours, and to give him a nice finish I used various washes and glazes from my collection until I was happy with the result.

DSCF7749And finally, the Sabretooth Cerberus. This is actually the model I’ve spent the longest painting as I couldn’t get his fur to a colour which I was happy with. I wanted to have a tiger-esque finish, and spent probably too long working the fur up from brown to orange with a mix of paints. I’m pretty happy with the final result, though I will go back and make some minor changes at some point. Also, as I photographed him, it struck me that I forgot to paint his eyes…

So, that’s Marcus and his crew box complete. I’ve also been painting up various other beasts to add to his menagerie, so expect more painting posts soon.

Take care,



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