‘Calling all M&SU members for a strike against the authoritarian presence of the Guild!’

After the #AllTheMalifaux, I also totalled up my Malifaux collection in a spreadsheet created by Mako over at the Wyrd forums. Turns out I have 442 soulstones of Arcanists (93% fully painted), so here they are :)

ArcanistsI’m really pleased that the vast majority are painted now, though I do miss having Arcanists to paint – once the last couple are done I’ll probably try and paint my Deadzone Enforcers. My Arcanists still fit in one KR case (admittedly the double size one), and comprise pretty much every available option – it’s just the Union Miners, Malifaux Raptors and Large Steam Arachnids missing.

The worst offender is Miss du Bois and her associates; with a total of six Colette models in my collection, two Cassandra models, five Performers, four Mannequins and nine(!) Mechanical Doves. In my defense, five of the Colette models are different sculpts (current plastic, original metal, the three avatar sculpts).

So who’s up for a 400-soulstone game? ;)

Take care,



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