Malifaux: Painting Bishop

Latest off my painting table is the mercenary Bishop. Originally a skilled pit fighter who turned gun-for-hire, he’s an incredibly potent melee beatstick with some versatile (and easily-accessible) triggers on his attack.

DSCF7708I opted for a failry muted colour scheme, offset by denim jeans and shining metal. I worked the metal up through a few coats, starting with Games Workshop’s Warplock Bronze and working up through Boltgun Metal to progressively lighter colours. The jeans were painted with a base of P3’s Cygnar Blue Base, highlighted and then alterately drybrushed and stippled with an old Space Wolves Grey mixed with white.

DSCF7712To me, the model has always had a bit of a biker-slash-rocker look going on with his long hair, sleeveless jacket and chains. I reckon Bishop’s quite into his rock music when he’s not working, so for a bit of fun (and since I’m a big fan of this band myself), I painted the Iron Maiden logo on the back of his jacket. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, given that freehand is not my forte and I usually avoid it like the devil. It also adds a nice bit of colour and contrast to the model, so despite the slight timeline inconsistency I’m pleased with it.

I just need to use him in-game some time now – Lazarus and Johan(na) aside I don’t tend to use mercenaries usually. I did try Sue for the first time recently, though, and he was such fun to use!

Bounty-HuntersOr, in my case, ‘Mercenaries – we don’t need that scum!’ I’ll have to make more of an effort this year to actually use mercenaries in my crews. Poor Hans – I’ve had him built and painted for over a year now, yet he’s never seen the tabletop once…

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