Malifaux: Painting Colette, the Avatar of Deception

To kick off the new year, following on from Ramos and Rasputina – here’s the third of my Arcanist avatar models, Colette and the Avatar of Deception.

DSCF7696This is such a fun model! Originally, back in the days of Malifaux 1.5, pretty much everyone hulked out when they went into Avatar mode, or at least went up to a 50mm base. Colette was one of the rare exceptions who stayed on her 30mm base. Instead of growing in size like, say, Hoffman or Rasputina, she creates a triptych of Colettes. The trick? Only one of them is the real Colette, while the other two are only illusions. The Colette player knows which is which, of course, but the fun came in that their opponent had no idea – and, until you could determine whether a Colette was the real one or an illusion, all three had the full power of the real Colette.

I have slightly broken from my usual theme here in that they’re not on scenic bases. Originally, I intended to base them on wooden floorboards reminiscent of a theatre stage. However, I hadn’t realised how thin Colette’s legs and feet were, so rather than risk damaging the models I opted for the basic slotted bases with my usual basing technique. Where my other Arcanist avatars will be used either as the Arcane Emissary or the avatar manifestation in campaign games, basing Colette on 30mm lets me use any one of the models as Colette in a regular game. Nothing like having five different sculpts to choose from!

I kept the paint scheme quite similar to the artwork, with a bold red colour linking the three models together. I kept the magical energy in the same purple I used for my Oxfordian mages, and used the same mix of reds for the hair as I did on my plastic Colette.

DSCF7698This one has to be my favourite, both for the pose and the painting. I chose to do her jacket in a muted brown as a contrast to the otherwise colourful appearance, and I like the idea that she’s just thrown a coat on over her stage attire. My least favourite of the three is the other one wielding a column of magical energy – she’s a beautiful sculpt, but so so fragile!

DSCF7705Finally, I’ve made a head-start on my Malifaux-related resolution, and bought my ticket for The Outpost’s Scrap At The Steelworks Malifaux tournament in March. Looking forward to it already!

Take care,



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