Catching up

So, it’s been pretty quiet on here for the past couple of weeks. First off, my apologies – work has taken off with the Christmas rush, and there have been major power outages and blackouts – so all in all, I haven’t really had much time for gaming or blogging, sadly.

What has happened, though? Well, we played the final game in the Shifting Loyalties campaign I’ve been running at my local club. My final game saw Colette go up against the Outcasts, led by Leveticus. I’ll try and do a write-up soon, but suffice to say it was a very enjoyable and fast-paced game!

I’ve also picked up the Crossroads Seven box, and have just finished assembling one of my favourite Malifaux models, Lust. I’m a big Lindsey Stirling fan – I saw her live in concert a while ago and she’s incredible – so I’m really looking forward to painting this model! Honourable mention has to go to Envy as well, who looks like he’ll be BFF’s with Colette due to his scheme-marker related bonuses. I just wish he actually had piano keys rather than a DJ deck in his construct… That, and that he actually had the Construct characteristic, but I suppose that would make him a bit too good with Ramos.

20151211_084222Also, the obligatory Black Friday order has arrived, so I’m once again back to the happy state of having every available plastic Arcanist model (plus a few old metal ones, such as the Soulstone Miner). Looking forward to getting Snowstorm and the Gunsmiths on the table in particular! If I get any time off this weekend, I’ll be building and undercoating models. I seem to have quite a backlog now…

Take care,



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