Malifaux Shifting Loyalties campaign: game 5

Colette shrugged off the long Guild overcoat, stretching her arms. The Guardsman’s uniform had been one of many, many disguises she’d adopted over the years, but it definitely ranked as one of the most uncomfortable to wear. No wonder the Guard are usually so hostile, she mused, wearing those things all day. Replacing her small hat on her head and securing it in place with a pin, she walked out of the mine into the dusk.

Still, she had what she needed. During the fight with Shenlong, Cassandra had managed to subdue one of the Ten Thunders, dragging him away before Shenlong or Yu could stop them. The man was a member of the Ten Thunders, trained to resist all kinds of physical torture and interrogation, but Colette had some very – well, persuasive alternate ways of making men talk.

He’d revealed that the Ten Thunders had two moles in the Arcanists. One was a M&SU official by the name of Malcolm MacDuff. She knew of him – hell, everyone knew of ‘Mad Dog’ MacDuff. A loud, bombastic Scottish man with a thick head of red hair, MacDuff had earned the name ‘Mad Dog’ for his direct solutions to, well, any problem. He was one of the Union’s blunter tools, but an undeniably effective one, and his elevated position made him an ideal candidate to report back on upcoming Arcanist activities. The second mole wasn’t known to the captured man – unfortunate but unsurprising, given the Thunder’s penchant for separate cells. She’d send someone after ‘Mad Dog’ first, she mused, but before she could consider any further her Coryphée twitched, its faceless head darting upwards as its slender arm blades sprung open with a precision whirring of clockwork gears. She saw the reason for its alarm – a force of Nephilim were approaching, mostly comprised of the smaller ones darting through the undergrowth. Leading them was a larger specimen, with atrophied wings and gladitorial-style armour plating. It hissed at her, pointing a wickedly bladed weapon.

* * *

Week five of the campaign saw Colette finally take to the field for the first time. Unfortunately this was against a henchman-led crew, and even with the 15ss cost of taking her the game still felt a little biased in favour of the master-led crew. In hindsight, I wish I’d left poor Colette at home and taken a henchman myself. Still, Mark gave as good as he got, and the game ended in a 9-6 victory for the Arcanists.

Onto the final game now! I’ll be sad to see the campaign come to a close, though I am already planning on running another one early next year – keep an eye out of the Wyrd forums!

Finally, as I don’t like writing a post without some sort of picture, here’s a quick shot of my work table and the current projects.

20151123_214604Take care,



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