Malifaux: Painting Ramos, Avatar of Invention

‘The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine’ – Nikola Tesla

Continuing on from Rasputina’s avatar, this week features Ramos and the Avatar of Invention.

RamosLike my other avatar models, Ramos is on a scenic base – this time a tangled mess of broken rubble and pipework. I kept his new spider-legs fairly muted, going for a gunmetal colour with some brass detailing. The electrical arc makes for a nice focal point of the model, and I used a similar technique to that on the Electrical Creation to get a nice bright blue colour. The skin is my usual blend of Army Painter shades, and his coat is P3 Battlefield Brown with highlights and a wash to mute the colour.

Ramos himself is made a bit more stable with a paperclip peg between his foot and the base. I left this black to try and avoid drawing attention to it (though, as his shoes are black as well, I’m not sure how well it works).

Next on the painting table are the remaining two avatars – Marcus and the Avatar of Instinct, and (my favourite) Colette and her Avatar of Deception. I’ll be basing Colette on three separate bases, so while she can’t be used as the Arcane Emissary I’ll be able to use whichever I want as Colette in regular games – I’m particularly fond of where she’s pulling a gust of magical energy from her hat.

Marcus, on the other hand, is proving to be a bit more tricky as I’m having some trouble matching the skin toe of the avatar to my regular Marcus model. I suppose, given the physical changes he undergoes when in his avatar state, it’s understandable if his skin isn’t quite the same shade.

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