Malifaux Shifting Loyalties campaign: game 4

‘Miss Cassandra’ Sensei Yu bowed his head in greeting, but Cassandra didn’t return the gesture.

‘Let’s dispense with the pretence, shall we?’ she replied. ‘I know you lied to me last time we spoke. I know that there’s a Ten Thunders mole in the Arcanists, and I want answers.’

Uncharacteristically, Yu’s face lost its usual jovial smile as his expression hardened. ‘That’s a very serious insult’ he stated, his tone grave. Before he could speak any further, another voice spoke from inside the pagoda, a deep voice that rumbled like thunder and seemed to almost sound like two persons speaking at once. ‘You’ve got your answers, showgirl. Leave.’

A Torakage made to move towards Cassandra, but before he could take more than a step Cassandra’s sabre appeared in her hand, the razor-sharp point at the ninja’s throat. ‘Don’t’ she whispered.

Behind the Torakage, a figure loomed into view – a tall, muscular man, topless from the waist up. His torso was rippled with defined muscle, and a large dragon tattoo seemed to swirl and move, hurting the eyes as Cassandra looked at it. Energy played around his clenched fists, and glowed from behind his eyes. She recognized him, of course – who wouldn’t – Shelong, the mythical ‘dragon’ of the Ten Thunders clan.

Cassandra kept her sabre pointed at the Torakage’s throat, her eyes locked on Shenlong. ‘I want answers’ she replied. In response, Shenlong only smirked. ‘If you won’t apologize and leave of your own volition’ he rumbled, ‘I’ll see to it that that you do.’

* * *

This week’s game saw Cassandra and her girls return to the Ten Thunders in search of answers. The strategy was Turf War, and the weekly event was one I’d been hoping would come up – a Guild Patrol raiding the game!

One of my primary concerns was finishing my bounty (end the game with more scheme markers than my opponent), and luckily the scheme pool included both Protect Territory and Breakthrough – both auto-pick and reveal this game.

The game started with the Mannequin using Magician’s Assistant, letting the showgirls move up and spam out scheme markers all around. But before I could push onto the Turf War marker, Shenlong barreled into my crew, taking out a Coryphee in one hit and wounding the December Acolyte. Quickly finishing off Rasputina’s cultist, Shenlong moved on to take out a Performer before getting locked in melee with the Arcane Emissary. Shenlong’s ludicrously high Defensive Stance stopped the Emissary from landing many blows, while the Emissary’s Df 6 and healing let it tank Shenlong’s blows (for the most part – it was pretty touch-and-go a couple of times!), leading to the two of them locked in combat for the rest of the game. Cassandra proved to be the star of the show, managing to break through the Ten Thunders lines and lay enough scheme markers for Breakthrough. By the end of the game I had three models left standing, but managed to come out with an 8-7 win and a finished bounty. I’ve been saving up my scrip, so Colette is now leading my crew!ColetteTake care,



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