Halloween 2015: Painting Malifaux’s Carver model

Rustle, rustle, and snicker snack…

The Carver is Malifaux’s very own myth / legend turned real, a nightmare creature that rises up once a year to cause carnage and chaos wherever it treads. Since it’s Halloween this weekend, I decided it was high time to get it painted…

DSCF7651DSCF7659DSCF7653The focal point of the model, inevitably, is the pumpkin head, so I kept the rest of it quite muted and inspired by iconic scarecrows. The blades of the shears were given a liberal coat of GW’s Blood for the Blood God to have a ‘recently used’ appearance. The pumpkin head was painted in a dark red before being slowly worked up to orange, then washed with a red ink to tone it down a bit and bring it in line with the darker shades of the model. Given its status as a story-encounter Halloween-themed character, I covered Carver’s base in various shades of flock and finished with some dead-plant colour clumps.

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1 thought on “Halloween 2015: Painting Malifaux’s Carver model

  1. Pretty cool model. I like that you focus on the pumpkin head and don’t take away from it with other brightly coloured details. That guy looks extremely nasty. Sure I don’t want to shake his hand…

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