[Malifaux] The cold never bothered me anyway…

Recently I’ve been working on my second M1.5 Arcanist avatar model, Rasputina’s Avatar of Famine. I really like the old avatar models, and am finally getting around to finishing them. Whether they’ll be used in campaigns at some point (probably not the one I’m currently running, as I’m aiming for Colette there and she’s the one Arcanist avatar I don’t have*) or just stand in for the Emissary until it’s released / if I feel like a more thematic model, they’re undeniably great fun to assemble and paint.

Rasputina’s avatar is a simple enough build, being mostly resin in large pieces. I pinned every joint to strengthen it excluding the head, which fits nearly in to a slot on the neck and seems strong enough anyway. Nicely, the model comes with a choice of heads for the ice creature. Like all my Arcanist avatars, she’s based on a scenic base – this time a 50mm frozen ice world base from Tiny Worlds Wargaming.

DSCF7640DSCF7643DSCF7646DSCF7647This model was such fun to paint! I aimed for a stark contrast between Rasputina and the ice creature, painting her flesh in a slightly warmer tone than previously to make her stand out from the cold blue ice. The Golem is painted in a mix of GW’s Fenrisian Grey and Army Painter’s Matt White, drybrushed on with each successive mix including more white. The final two highlights were painted on by hand (yes, painting each faceted edge of the ice did take ages!), with a little more white than I would have otherwise used to really highlight the faceted edges of the ice. The base was painted in a similar way, finished with GW’s Guilliman Blue glaze and detailed with some snow flock from The Army Painter.

The bases came in a pack of four, so I painted up another couple to use as Ice Pillar markers.

DSCF7649I’m really pleased with how she turned out, and she’s currently being used as my Arcane Emissary in the campaign I’m running. My wife and I have agreed to have a stand-alone game with avatars soon, though, so she’ll hopefully be used for that!

Take care,


*side note – if any readers have Colette’s avatar and are looking to sell it, please drop me a message as I’d be interested :)


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