Malifaux: All the world’s a stage – painting Colette’s crew

DSCF7624I’ve always loved Colette’s backstory and theme, so when her crew box was available as a pre-release at gencon I jumped at the chance to get her new model. I’ve been playing her whenever possible, and she’s such fun to use. Her playstyle is very unique, focused on scheme markers, movement and generally not being there when the blow comes. I’m running a Shifting Loyalties campaign right now at my local club, and using Cassandra in the hopes of being able to hire Colette before the campaign’s finished!

DSCF7626Colette du Bois herself. I kept her dress fairly dark using Games Workshop’s midnight blue, with a contrast lighter skin tone and magical blue fire in her hand. The dress was also highlighted with lighter purple detailing, and finally I picked out her eyes, and the feather in her hat. Her hair was painted in a colorful red to match the artwork, and it brings another colour to the model to offset the dark dress.

DSCF7628I’ve posted Cassandra before, but for the sake of completion here she is again! As benefits the beauty of Malifaux, I chose a striking red dress for Cassandra. Again, I used midnight blue for the details such as her gloves and bows, which helps to tie her together visually with Colette. I went for a similar skin tone, picking out the eyes and lips with a fine detail brush.

DSCF7631I’ve always really liked the mechanical doves, and have the original metals as well as the new plastics. Both were painted in a lighter silver than I normally use, since I imagine that Colette takes good care of her creations (when she’s not detonating them during a game, that is! ). I picked out the detailing in Games Workshop’s mithril silver, and painted the keys in a traditional clockwork bronze.

DSCF7632The old metal doves are still a work-in-progress. I’m not 100% happy with the cards, and while freehand painting isn’t my forte I’d still like to give it another go. They’re such nice models, and should be a bit more durable for tournaments too  (what with all the putting them on the table, taking them off, putting them on again… Colette can do!).

DSCF7635And finally, the Performers and their Mannequins. I went for a ‘safe’ paint scheme of blue and purple, using Midnight Blue for ribbons and tights to tie them in to the rest of the crew. I’d like to pick up some more at some point, and try a more adventurous colour scheme.

The Mannequins were painted in a darker shade than my Coryphee, with muted grey cloth bodies and purple / turquoise dresses. I tried a similar technique to Cojo’s ring on their metal frames, leaving a slight black line either side of the metal to add definition.

While there’s a few minor things I’d like to go back and do, I’m pretty pleased with how the box turned out. It was great fun to paint the dresses, and a nice break from the usual metal and / or muted colours I tend to use. I think I’ve mentioned before how much fun I find Colette to use in-game, so hopefully I’ll be able to get her on the table again soon. It’s nearly Halloween, so that can only mean one thing…

Wyrd-CarverTake care,



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