Malifaux: Painting Cojo

I’ve finished Colette and her showgirls now (pictures coming soon!), and finally found time to make a start on Marcus and his crew. First up, Cojo.

DSCF7603I went for a light grey fur colour, with the spines being a darker grey to add contrast to the model. I’m very pleased with how his chest ring turned out – I remember reading an article a few years ago on painting similar rings, which recommended painting the ring in black with a slight overlap before painting it in silver, to keep a thin black line around it and add definition. I like the effect, and it brings a bit of focus to the contrast.

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5 thoughts on “Malifaux: Painting Cojo

    • Thank you. Cojo’s a bit of a mix of textured fur and flatter areas, so some of it’s the sculpting. For the flatter areas, I just messed around with feathering the paint with an old drybrush until I was happy with it.

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