Painting Coryphee [Malifaux]

I mentioned last week that I’ve hired a pair of Coryphee into my arsenal in the campaign I’m running, and spent most of the weekend painting them. I have been rather boring and stuck fairly closely to the artwork, mainly since I liked the way the colours complemented each other.

DSCF7605DSCF7607DSCF7606DSCF7608DSCF7611DSCF7612The cloth ‘skin’ of the Coryphee is a lighter shade than that of the Mannequins, worked up with more white-based highlights to brighten the models and add contrast to the dresses. Both dresses are mixed shades – the turquoise one a mix of Games Workshop’s old Hawk Turquoise and Army Painter Matt White, and the purple a mix of Army Painter’s Alien Purple, their Matt White, Games Workshop’s Liche Purple and their Khorne Red. Both Coryphee also have my favourite GW Midnight Blue used on their stockings and to detail bows etc.

I deliberately highlighted the blades to a lighter silver than normal as well – usually I’ll mix in some black wash to give it a gunmetal look, but I imagine the Coryphee to be far sleeker and cleaner than most Arcanist constructs given their stage role. The metalwork is highlighted after washing, with particular light silver (Runefang Steel) used to the blades to make them stand out as focal points.

I painted the Duet at the same time (I didn’t dare try and magnetize them, given the slim contact point on the standing Coryphee), so the colours should be perfectly colour-matched. They’ll be hitting the table in a few days, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they fare!

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