[Malifaux] Painting Toni Ironsides

‘Never bring a knife to a gun fight’ – bringing brass knuckles seems to work well enough for Toni…

After my post last week on my playstyles for the Arcanist’s Toni Ironsides, it makes sense to showcase the woman herself this week and look at how I painted her.

DSCF7573DSCF7575DSCF7578I used a mix of paints for her skin, mostly centred around Games Workshop’s Doombull Brown and Dark Flesh mixed with Army Painter’s Barbarian Flesh and Tanned Flesh. The latter two were added to the mix for highlights, before a wash of Lavado’s fleshtone shade was used to finish.

Like a lot of my Malifaux models I’ve painted, it seemed right that Toni wouldn’t be too concerned by her appearance or the comings-and-goings of fashion – in her background story she strikes me as a very practical person. To this end I chose to keep her colour scheme quite muted, going for a light brown leather jacket with contrast grey trousers. I used the darker Doombull Brown for the leather belt, and (rarely for me) chose Mithril Silver for the details such as buckles, studs and her brass knuckles. This helps them stand out as focal points of the model, which is only right in my mind! Similarly, I worked the wrappings round her hands up to a lighter colour than I might normally use to draw the eye to them – a mix of Dheneb Stone, P3’s Hammerfall Khaki and plain white.

DSCF7579DSCF7581I was rather boring with her totem Mouse, sticking to Wyrd’s artwork for his colour scheme. His red jacket is the prominent part of the model, and I started with a rather dark basecoat of Scab Red / Mechrite Red before working up through . He’s quite colourful for a spymaster, but I think painting his jacket in brown would have made the model too monotone.

While taking photos of these two, I realised that I do now want to go back and do a bit more work on Toni, so hopefully there’ll be another post at some point.

At the moment I’m painting up Colette and her showgirls (who, incidentally, have been so much fun each game I’ve used them!). It’s nice painting some colourful dresses rather than the metal constructs and leather I usually seem to paint.

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2 thoughts on “[Malifaux] Painting Toni Ironsides

  1. Nice painting on Ironsides; that muted look seems to suit the character really well. I’m not such a fan of Mouse’s paint scheme though; it makes him look a bit too much like a garden gnome. I’ll be interested to see your take on the showgirls; they should certainly be a contrast to the constructs.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I’m not really sure about Mouse – he’s pretty high on my list of models-to-repaint-once-I-run-out-of-new-mdoels-to-paint. Do you think he’d be ok in a darker colour scheme, say a brown or grey jacket? I’m just a bit wary of painting too many models in that sort of colour scheme.

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