Malifaux: Converting an Arcanist Gunsmith

Unfortunately the Arcanist Gunsmith models aren’t available yet, and (unless I’ve missed it) there’s no release date yet. So, a while ago I decided to convert and paint one to stand in. They’re great in-game with a good damage output, and synergise well with various Arcanist masters (the stand-out ones being Mei Feng, Kaeris and Ironsides).

Since I enjoy tournaments and try to attend them whenever possible, I wanted to keep the model tournament-legal in line with the Gaining Grounds guidelines. To this end, I restricted myself to using parts purely from the male Through The Breach multi-part kit. Gunsmiths have always been quite unique and esoteric individuals with a variety of styles, and I started with my style in mind – Old West mixed with steampunk (that sums up Malifaux, I suppose).

To this end I chose the body with a long flowing duster coat, pairing it with the matching walking legs. Early on I had set my heart on a particular head with a clean-shaven profile, and scruffy hair with a pair of goggles pushed up out of the way. Unfortunately the head didn’t fit in the body – it turns out that the kit has set head-and-body combinations. Undeterred, I set to work with a file and clippers, eventually sculpting the neck joint so that it fitted snugly on the body.

DSCF7556The one defining trait of all Gunsmiths is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the varied and numerous custom pistols they carry. Mine already had a holster on his leg, but I wanted to go one step further and have him dual-wielding his custom revolvers. As with the head, none of the arms meant for the coated body had revolver, so I picked out two I liked (the idea of his jacket sleeves being rolled-up particularly appealed to me) and took a file to the joins again. A bit of liquid green stuff helped smooth the joints, and my Gunsmith stood ready for the painting table.

DSCF7557I went for a fairly plain colour scheme, with a classic brown suit and duster. I chose to do his hair in blonde for a contrast colour, with the goggles picked out in bright silver with blue lenses. Finally, the guns were painted in a brighter silver than normal – since they’re the tools of his trade, I imagine he keeps pretty good care of them.

I’m really pleased with him, and kind of don’t want the official Gunsmith models to come out now :P I did also have Through The Breach in mind when making him, so he may well end up being me if I ever get enough people (and time) to run a story. I’ve got the female Through The Breach kit on my workbench, so I’d quite like to try and make a female Gunsmith now…

Take care,



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