The best exotic Malifaux hotel

I still haven’t had much time lately for wargaming – aside from playing a game of Malifaux a week or so ago, that seems to be it at the moment sadly. Still, I have finally managed to photograph the centrepiece of my TTCombat terrain collection – the Guild-friendly pub-come-hotel, the Golden Ram. I keep trying to find time to do a couple of photos of the whole collection, since it’s quite an impressive size now.


The Golden Ram


The downstairs bar area, including chairs, tables and a back exit.


Rooms at the Golden Ram are expensive, but with regular Guild patrols and off-duty Guardsmen frequenting the bar downstairs, you know you’ll be safe from the worst Malifaux has to offer…


The Golden Ram out on the Western frontier! Accompanied by a deputy and the local Marshal, Pat Garret storms the outlaws holed up in the bedrooms.

As with all my buildings, all the doors are hinged so they can be opened – not that helpful in Malifaux, but if I ever get around to playing Legends Of The Old West again it’ll be great for that. I wish I’d set the clock at two minutes to midnight in a reference to the Iron Maiden song, but the hands are a bit chunky for that sort of close time anyway. If I get the time, I’m hoping to pop the clock out at some point and replace it with an old watch, which can be set at two minutes to midnight.

Take care,




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