Bendy Boards

While I was at the recent Doubles Tournament I met Lee from Bendy Boards who, apart from being a great guy, was kind enough to make a couple of Malifaux accessories I suggested.

DSCF7490The first is an all-in-one Arcanist counter, with dials to track the turn, your score, soulstones, Ironside’s Adrenaline condition, and the Burning condition on the Rail Golem. Since both of those fluctuate so frequently during a game, it’s great to have an on-hand way to track them rather than using dice.

DSCF7492Secondly, there’s a couple of 50mm markers for The Captain’s Wind Wall action. I’ve got a whole post planned on The Captain and why I love him, but suffice to say for now that Wind Wall is a fantastically versatile action, and it’s great to have an actual marker for it now.

You can purchase both of these from Bendy Boards, and I’ve copied a link below. Remarkably quick delivery too, mine arrived within 24 hours of ordering.

In other Malifaux news, I received Wyrd’s GenCon 2015 newsletter last night. Highlights for me include the Crossroads Seven, Arcane and Brutal Effigies, and Abuela Ortega. And Ryle’s now listed for release in late September – fingers crossed he doesn’t get pushed back again! If you haven’t got the newsletter, it’s online here.

Finally, Kathryn and I haven’t forgotten about our Malifaux story tree campaign – it’s just hard finding the time when both of us can sit down for a game right now. We will finish it, it’s just taking longer than I expected (sorry!).

Take care,



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