[Malifaux] Lazarus

While I was at the Doubles Tournament recently, I thought I’d treat myself and pick up Lazarus. After all, I’m sure he’ll work well with Ramos and Mei Feng, and I’d consider the former to be one of my ‘go-to’ favourite masters along with Ironsides and Hoffman (who, despite being affiliated with the Arcanists, sadly can’t hire Lazarus. Oh well).


(C) Wyrd Miniatures.


My assembled Lazarus. The blue pipes that come in the kit are made of a different, more flexible plastic to facilitate movement.

The model is very interesting – not only is it the first model I’ve had in over 15 years of wargaming that came with a screw(!), but he’s poseable even after you’ve assembled and painted him. Through clever use of ball-and-socket joints and plastic pins, you can move his legs, arms and head even after assembly. I have the utmost respect to Wyrd for trying this, though you can get some quite derpy poses out of him…


High five!


‘Guys, guys, guys, I think I saw a Watcher. Did you see a Watcher? Oh man, I think we’re being watched, I think the Guild’s got eyes on us, did you see a Watcher guys? I’m sure I saw a Watcher’


‘Look, there it is! Right there! Where I’m pointing, next to the clocktower! Hah, told you guys I wasn’t paranoid.’


‘Ok, ok, you got me – I surrender’

In all seriousness, it is a really nice model. I’m looking forward to painting him, and trying him out in-game.

I also did the charity swim I’ve been mentioning on Saturday. It was great, and I’m so pleased that we managed to raise over £600 for the Samaritans. It’s a very personal cause that’s really close to my heart, and it means a lot to have been able to do something to help support them.

Take care,



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