[Malifaux] Element Games doubles tournament

Ramos and Mei

(C) Wyrd Miniatures

Last weekend my friend Mike and I attended the Malifaux Doubles Tournament held by Element Games. The premise is pretty much what’s written on the tin – a standard Malifaux tournament, but you pair up to form a team of two players. Each player selects a Master (fixed for the duration of the tournament), and then a 25ss crew each game to create a 50ss total crew, albeit one with two masters. The masters can be from different factions, but only models from the same faction count as friendly. We both decided on Arcanists as our faction – I went for Ramos (as much as I wanted to run Ironsides, I don’t think two prior games are enough experience to run her in a tournament!), while Mike took Mei Feng.

Our first game saw us go up against Molly paired with Perdita in Turf War. It was a very hard-fought game on both sides, with neither relinquishing the centre point. Molly’s Rogue Necromancy fell quickly to the sheer amount of Magnetism put out by Ramos and his Metal Gamin, and Kang’s bonuses against undead helped us push forward. But Perdita’s accuracy and Molly’s Whispered Secret proved very effective in shutting down parts of our crew, leading to a 7-7 draw.

The second game faced us off against McMourning and Ramos, and again Kang proved to be worth his weight in soulstones. I think we found out why Kang can’t usually be hired with Ramos here. The game was a close one, ending in a 3-2 victory for us. Our opponent’s Joss found himself on the wrong side of a Metal Gamin gunline, and my Captain’s Wind Wall proved to be a turning-point when it stopped Howard being able to charge my Ramos. It was a really fun game, and Mike and Conrad were fantastic opponents.

I haven’t really played against Gremlins that much, and so wasn’t quite certain what to expect when out opponents declared So’mer and Ophelia in our third game. Sixteen Bayou Gremlins, as it turned out – and those sixteen gremlins can put out a lot of shots. By the end of turn 4 we’d been tabled, leading to a brutal 9-2 loss. It’s always a laugh playing Gremlins, though, and So’mer and Ophelia worked particularly well together.

Game four pitted us against the combination of Lilith and Tara. Since I used to play a lot of C. Hoffman, Lilith holds a particularly high level of dread for me as even one successful Tangle Shadows can ruin the whole synergistic bubble and leave Hoffman stranded and alone. However, the game ended in a 7-4 victory for us (though if the game had gone on for one more turn, we’d have drawn if not lost!). Mei came into her own, managing to take out Tara and Taelor in the same turn!

And the final game of the weekend. We faced off against Nicodem and Seamus, led by the pair who ultimately ended up winning the tournament. Despite a fairly solid plan to try and control the strategy (Stake a Claim), we quickly found ourselves outnumbered as Nicodem summoned more than we could deal with. Seamus used Back Alley to leap across the board, scoring the maximum 6vp for Entourage and Breakthrough, and the game ended in a 10-1 defeat.

I’m still amused that it took us three games to realise, ‘Wait a moment – why are we taking the Electrical Creation when we could just take the Emberling? It’s 1ss cheaper, a significant minion, and can create the scrap marker Ramos wants without killing itself or wasting his (0) action…’


Of course The Dark Knight references are still cool! Art (C) Wyrd Miniatures.

It was a really fun weekend, and my thanks to everyone who organised it, all our opponents, and my team-mate Mike. Hopefully there will be another next year, so I’ll definitely be going!

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7 thoughts on “[Malifaux] Element Games doubles tournament

  1. Cool report, thanks for sharing it. Do you think that keeping your masters within the same faction was an advantage? Or could you have made more milage out of using Mei Feng to get access to (e.g.) Illuminated?

    • I think it depends largely on the masters. I saw one pair running Wong and the Dreamer to great effect (glowy Nekima… ), but in our case I think it helped to keep them both in the same faction. It gave Mei more jump points for her Railwalker, and let Kang’s bonuses affect my models too.

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