[Malifaux] Winter is coming….

As I mentioned last week, things are pretty hectic right now what with preparing for the sponsored swim I’m doing to raise money for charity. This, along with DIY and the like around the home, hasn’t left much free time for the usual gaming-related shenanigans. However, I have managed to get a few minutes here and there to make some headway on my Arcanists in Malifaux, particularly a certain Ice Queen and her cannibalistic cult of followers…

DSCF7466DSCF7468The Ice Witch herself, Rasputina. I’m a big fan of this model – it’s beautifully sculpted, and captures Rasputina’s character really well with the pose. I kept quite close to the artwork when it came to the colours, going for a dark grey coat by mixing Army Painter black and white together in various shades for the base and highlights. I deliberately went for a paler skin tone that I’d usually do to give her a ‘cold’ look, and picked out the eyes in Games Workshop’s (appropriately named) Ice Blue. The fur trimming was painted in a lighter grey, again made from a mix of Army Painter black and white.

DSCF7472DSCF7475DSCF7476I painted the Acolytes of December in an almost inverse colour scheme to Rasputina herself, going for white cloaks with darker grey fur trim. I deliberately didn’t go for a pure white, instead working my way up through various shades of grey before mixing in white for the final coats and highlights. The leather straps were done in a simple Doombull Brown to stand out, while the fur was simply painted in a darker grey before being washed in Nuln Oil and highlighted.

DSCF7474A couple of the Acolytes have ribbons on them, which I painted in P3’s Cygnar Blue Base and Cygnar Blue Highlight to add a bit of extra colour to the models while retaining the generally ice / cold motif. Unfortunately the third one doesn’t have any ribbons, so sadly she’s bereft of blue. To compensate, I painted the tassels on her with a drybrush of pure white. The harpoon guns were painted in silver and washed with Nuln Oil, with a little bit of detail picked out in brass to add a bit more colour to the model.

I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. I set out to go for an ‘Arctic camo’ kind of scheme, but with a little bit of colour splashed in here and there to add some variety to the models.

I’ve all but finished the Wendigo, however the Guild Guard he’s busy mauling is taking a little longer! I’m trying to work on the Gamin and Golem as well, but it’s a bit of a juggling show as I’m also working on Toni Ironsides and her Troubleshooters. Toni’s been the master I’ve been looking forward to since Crossroads was released, and it’s great to finally have her. I’ve only managed to get in one game with her so far, but she was great fun to play then. Hopefully, strategy and schemes depending, I’ll give her another outing tomorrow.

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