Painting the Electric Creation [Malifaux]

I might have spent too long painting what is essentially a mobile scrap counter….

DSCF7372I’ve been rather busy recently, and what with real life intruding I haven’t had much time for painting. Or rather, I have, but I’ve been power-assembling my Through The Breach multi-part kits (they’re such fun to assemble!) instead of focusing on painting. However, I did manage to get this little guy finished last night.

As far as assembly goes, the model comes in a surprising number of pieces (thirteen, I believe), but isn’t that hard to assemble. I kept the paint job very close to the artwork, going for a paler flesh tone than I usually would to give it a different look to the living models. The metal parts are painted in my usual dark gunmetal look, and the lightning arcs were great fun to paint – I worked up from a dark blue to a lighter highlight to make them quite a major part of the model.

It’s a shame that he never lives long in-game after the time I spent painting him! I almost feel like I have to take the Electrical Summoning upgrade each game now ;)

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