Painting Mei Feng’s Rail Crew [Malifaux]

The Arcanist movement grows, to the point where they need a whole box to themselves now….

I’ve been working on painting Mei Feng and her rail crew, since Ramos & his Steampunk Arachnids are still giving me some basing woes (it seemed like such a good idea at the start to magnetize all the spiders, and now I just wish I’d glued them down and bought another box!). I wanted to go for quite a muted, practical look for the Rail Crew, and kept to mostly tans, khakis and browns as the predominant colour. This was interspersed with some blue detailing to dd a strong, thematic colour to the crew, plus the contrast gunmetal on the Rail Workers.


DSCF7314Mei Feng ended up (unintentionally!) with a rather Tomb Raider-esque colour scheme, which I’m actually rather happy with. The trouble is that she doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the crew as she is, which I’m in two minds about – I like that masters don’t need to be flashy in Malifaux (no back banners ;) ) and it suits her rail crew position, but at the same time I’d quite like to do something to help her ‘pop’ a bit more on the tabletop. Any suggestions are welcome!

DSCF7315DSCF7316I’m not sure if I’m finished with Kang – for a henchman, he’s pretty bland as he stands. I’d like to add tattoos to him, but I’m not confident enough with my freehand to try that just yet – time to practise on some other models, I suppose! I’m not sure what else I can do to make him more interesting, since the model is dressed with a very practical attire that doesn’t lend itself well to brighter colours.

DSCF7317DSCF7323DSCF7319And now we can leave the indecision behind. I’m pleased with the finished Rail Workers, and the Emberling turned out how I hoped too (although that lava took lots of layers of reds and oranges to do!).

I haven’t really had much of a chance to use these guys yet outside of the Joint Task Force scenario I did a few weeks ago, so they’re pretty high up on the list of ‘models to get on the table’.

Right, better head off to practice my freehand, and try to finish basing those Steampunk Arachnids. They’d better be worth it after all this! (I’m sure they will be)

Take care,



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