The fall of Isengard

I’ve spent part of this afternoon finally boxing up my Games Workshop Uruk-Hai army into a storage case. Well over 100 models, most of them painted, and ranging from standard Uruk-Hai to Beserkers, Warg Riders, Captains and converted musicians and standard bearers. It’s a shame really, since I don’t think they’ll ever be used again – no-one around here plays Lord of the Rings, and (to be frank) from what I remember the rules weren’t that great either. Still, I don’t expect to sell them since 1) they are all painted and 2) I doubt anyone buys LoTR models any more anyway! I remember playing it quite a bit with my brother back when the films first came out, usually with my Uruks getting fairly well trounced by his Rohirrim. A very different time in my gaming life, when our idea of a board was the living-room floor (with very unclearly-defined edges!), and terrain was the three or four plastic ruins that came in the box and nothing else.

Right, misty-eyed nostalgia over. I’m going to try and paint the bases on Ramos and his Steampunk Arachnids before my eyes get too tired to focus on the models ;)

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