Setting the scene: TTCombat old town scenics

It’s been a pretty busy week, where I feel like I’ve done a little bit on a lot of things rather than making any real progress on one goal.

I’ve managed to fit a couple of 50ss games of Malifaux in, though I didn’t make any notes to do a full report on either. One was against a friend where we both ran Lucius, and (appropriately enough, I suppose, given the mimic theme of both crews) chose the same schemes. The second was against my wife – who’s quickly becoming a regular opponent – featuring her running Lady Justice against my favourite C. Hoffman in a Reckoning. The game ended in a 6:3 victory for Hoffman, though Justice did a good job of preventing me from scoring too many points off the strategy, and a lone Guild Guard brought my 3vp from Power Ritual down to 1 on the last turn!

With all that I haven’t had much time for painting this week. I’ve done a bit more of Yin so she’s nearly finished now, and made some progress on Dashel – I just can’t seem to find the motivation to paint him when there’s so many other incredible Wyrd models out there! On that note I’ve been painting my avatar Hoffman, since it’s such a nice model, but I’m not sure if I’ve finished yet – the dilemma is that I want Hoffman to be the centre of attention, so I’ve kept the construct quite gunmetal-dark and plain. I’m not sure if I’ve left it too plain, though, or if detailing will detract from Hoffman. Still trying to get a good shot to ask for opinions, since for some reason that model does not want to photograph well!

Mostly, though, I’ve been working on assembling a new terrain collection for Malifaux (and Legends of the Old West, if I ever get around to playing it again). It’s the TTCombat range from The Troll Trader, specifically their old town scenics. The pieces are simple and fun to assemble, with some nice detailing and extra bits ‘n’ bobs included. They’ve been good in the games I’ve used them in so far too, though I need to assemble the remaining buildings and get some more crates.


Everything I’ve assembled so far.


Town clock.


I might’ve made the hands moveable so they can be used to track the turn number :)


Also, in a moment of madness, I decided to add hinges to all the doors.


The interiors come with a nice little set of themed terrain too, should models ever end up inside there.

It’s a shame that some buildings only have one door – the brilliantly-named Weylay Yukitan store (‘Building better blades’!), for example – but the majority of the houses I’ve still got to assemble have two doors, making them less of a dead-end death trap. It’s still a great-looking range of scenery, and I’m looking forward to finishing assembling the current lot and having a full board of it!

It’s a long weekend coming up, so hopefully I’ll be able to actually get something done. In the meantime, thanks as always for reading!

Take care,



2 thoughts on “Setting the scene: TTCombat old town scenics

  1. Got some myself, too. Great stuff. Only complain they’re a bit on the big side compared to Sarissa’s ones (or Sarissa’s ones are a bit too small) and look weird when side to side, so they don’t mix very well.

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