Of Metal & Flesh: Painting C. Hoffman’s crew

I’ve been playing the Guild a lot recently, and have come to realise that Hoffman is my favourite Guild master. I’ve always liked his backstory, but it’s only recently that I’ve been playing him, and he’s quite fun. Plus he’s got an awesome backstory – who wouldn’t play off two of the most powerful factions in Malifaux against one another just to save their brother?


The whole crew.

The box was pretty straightforward to assemble, with my only word of warning to any readers intending to pick up Hoffman – the harpoons on the Hunters, while not separate, are incredibly, incredibly delicate!

DSCF7034It turns out that, perhaps unsurprisingly, since the models are mostly metal I wasn’t able to include much of the thematic blue. Instead I went for a dark, gunmetal colour on the whole – primarily using Boltgun Metal with a Nuln Oil wash to darken it. The Guardian’s shield gave me room for a bit more colour, though I’m concerned that it may look a bit too Warmachine-y now. I’m in two minds as to whether to repaint it in a darker colour such as grey.

DSCF7033The plastic Watcher is a welcome addition to all the Guild Masters, and fun to paint given the contrast metal and leather. I picked out the eye in blue and gave it a brass fitting, while the wings were done in a muted brown colour and given a black wash to fit in with the rest of the constructs.

DSCF7040I kept the Hunters fairly plain given their predator status, with a little brass trim on the shoulder pads. I did pick out the fangs and harpoon in a brighter silver, though, just to draw a bit of attention to them as focus points of the model.

DSCF7031Hoffman’s totem, the Mechanical Attendant. I’m OK with how this guy looks, though I would like to go back at some point and try to get more of a ‘glow’ effect around his eye. I kept the metal in the same style as the rest of the constructs, and picked out the bullets in the gun’s magazine in brass.

DSCF7027DSCF7232And finally, Mr Hoffman himself. I love how all the background stories about him show this intense, single-minded focus on saving his brother whatever the cost, so I deliberately kept him rather plain – I doubt he has the time or the concern to bother with fashion trends and the like! I painted his harness in the same washed metal as the constructs to tie them all together, and picked out his waistcoat and trousers in a muted brown. I’ve been trying to work on painting eyes recently to improve my faces, and spent a bit of time on Hoffman’s (I think the first shot was taken before I painted them – the second should show it a little better).

In other news, Wyrd released their current schedule for the next few months yesterday, and there are so many lovely models to look forward to! I’m looking forward to Ironsides.

I also entered Lemonentry at Element Games in Stockport last weekend. As always it was great fun – there’s always a great group of people there, and it’s nice to meet and play against new people. Finally, my wife and a friend have agreed to play the Joint Task Force scenario from Crossroads this week, so I’ll try and do a write-up of that as well.

Thanks for reading, and take care,




One thought on “Of Metal & Flesh: Painting C. Hoffman’s crew

  1. They look really nice. I’m just starting to assemble my own Hoffman box and I’ve been surprised by how big Hoffman himself is. The Watcher also takes up a lot of space for such a spindly model. I know what you mean about the Hunters’ harpoons; one of mine has already come off while I was cleaning it up.

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