Bound By Law: Painting Lucius Mattheson’s crew

More dual-faction shenanigans, this time with the Neverborn infiltrating the Guild! I mentioned that I started playing Lucius in a blog post before Christmas, but now I’ve finished painting his crew and thought I’d put them up here.

DSCF7047For those of you who don’t play Malifaux, Lucius Mattheson is the secretary to the Governor-General, the head of the Guild and one of the most powerful men in Malifaux. Secretly Lucius isn’t human, but instead one of the Neverborn – Malifaux’s native inhabitants who don’t like humanity’s occupation of their homeland. What exactly Lucius is (beyond a Neverborn mimic – maybe a doppelganger?) is unknown, as are his overall goals – all we do know is that he wields a huge amount of power in the Guild, often twisting the Governor-General’s orders to suit his own mysterious agenda.

The set was good fun to assemble, albeit with a couple of ultra-thin canes that you have to be careful with when removing them from the sprue. In-game his play style is rather characterfully centred around delegation as he can stroll around the battlefield handing out orders and buffing up / ordering around his own models.

DSCF7050Mr Mattheson himself. I was very tempted to go for the classic Guild red, but ended up going for a more regal purple colour. That aside, I went for quite a normal colour scheme, with a white wig, gold detailing and smart brown boots. I remember that at least one story mentions the lenses of his mask being made from green soulstone, and picked the eyes out in green on the model. It’s a lovely model, from the haughty imperious pose of checking his watch to the way his legs bend in a very inhuman way – a little hint to his true nature and what lies behind his mask…

DSCF7059Next, there’s his loyal mimic attendants; the Scribe, and two Lawyers (who I’ve dubbed Mr Birmingham and Mr Lancaster). I kept the Scribe’s colours particularly dark and muted, since in my mind the focal point of the model should be the mask, not the Scribe himself. I do like the little flavour text for the Scribe in the Crossroads book which describes how, despite their best efforts, a visitor to Mattheson’s office can’t remember what the Scribe looked like, though they’re sure that they must have been there…

The Lawyers are painted in fairly classic colours, with touches of purple here and there to tie them in to their master and their true allegiance! Other than that I kept the clothes quite classically drab, using greys and blacks. I couldn’t resist picking out the masks in a stark white a lá Phantom of the Opera, though.

DSCF7062And finally, the two Guild Guardsmen you get in the set. I kept their colour scheme very similar to the Riflemen, using a muted blue-grey colour for the coat to give them a uniform look. I haven’t finished painting Dashel yet – unfortunately I can’t seem to find the motivation to paint him when there’s so many other models I want to paint, and I’m not sure yet when I’d use him. He is in the queue, though, so I’ll add him in here when he’s done.

It’s a beautifully sculpted crew, and one that I can’t wait to use in-game again. I’ve still got too many Masters to use as part of my new year’s resolution, but I’m sure I can fit in a game with Lucius as well!

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