Last weekend, my wife asked me if I wanted to run her through a game of Malifaux.

Once I’d picked my jaw up off the floor (honestly, you could’ve knocked me down with a black joker), I set up a simple game between the Guild and the Resurrectionists. She’s been reading the fluff and really enjoying it recently – particularly the Guild – so she took command of the Judge and a trio of Death Marshals, taking on the insidious might of the Valedictorian and some Punk Zombies.


A vicious close-quarters brawl errupts around the train station.


‘We’ll deal with this one later…’ One of the Punk Zombies is locked away in the Death Marshal’s enchanted pine box.


Nothing like one player flipping the Black Joker for their defence, and the other flipping the Red Joker!


The Punk Zombies manage to cut down one of the Marshals and free their comrade.


I flip the Black Joker for the Valedictorian’s defence, resulting in the Judge brutally cutting her down!


Victory for the Guild as they finish off the last of the Punk Zombies and reclaim the area!

She enjoyed the game, which is a successful first go in my book! If a second game is ever mentioned, I reckon we could progress to full crews and let her favourite character, Lady Justice, hit the table.

Pretty sure she’s actually still Kathryn, and not a doppleganger. Pretty sure.

Take care,



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