Painting Malifaux Wastrels [Tabletop Tuesday]

To finish off my McCabe crew, here’s the minions of the box – the despicable Wastrels…

DSCF7127As I mentioned in my McCabe painting post, I deliberately went for a fairly muted colour scheme, sticking to grey colours for the suits and coats. Each model does have a little blue on it somewhere, tying it in to my Guild thematic colour. I rather liked the idea of keeping their suits in the traditional grey, giving them the juxtaposing look of businessmen with the more murderous weapons and poses.

Honestly, the Wastrels are some of my favourite Malifaux models since they’re all so well-sculpted to be incredibly sleazy. One look at these guys and you can tell that they’re scum. The casual, cocky poses combined with the formal wear and brutal weapons all come together to a characterful trio of models. As such, while I was painting them, I couldn’t resist musing over how each of them came to end up in Malifaux…

DSCF7132Dougal McTavish was the ninth in line to a lairdship in Scotland. Being the youngest of nine siblings, he knew from a young age that he was unlikely to ever inherit his father’s title, and turned his lifestyle towards idle pastimes instead. Pheasant-shooting quickly bored him, and he became involved in the sport of boxing. Boxing slowly turned to underground pit-fights as he tired of the rules and regulations of the ring, until one night when a cage fight finally went too far and he killed his opponent. Unable to fully protect him from the ramifications of the law, his parents bought a one-way ticket to Malifaux and sent him through the breach. McTavish finds himself far more at home in Malifaux than he ever was in Scotland – here, he can kill people in pit fights and get paid for it, often by the lawmen on the side of the ring betting on him!

DSCF7141Born to a wealthy industrial family in London, Alex Knightley was always an idle man, bored with the so-called ‘pleasures’ that high society offered in the form of balls, dinner parties and race courses. When a series of grisly murders began in London’s west end, no-one suspected him until two constables stumbled across him in the middle of disposing of his latest victim. Killing one policeman and wounding another, Alex fled to Malifaux, where the law is more willing to turn a blind eye…

DSCF7148Originally hailing from south Carolina, Oswald Stephenson was set to inherit his family’s ranch before ‘that day’. No-one really dares ask him what exactly he did to end up in Malifaux and, given the glee he seems to take whenever violence, lechery or brutality arises, it’s probably best that way…

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