Too many games, not enough blogging

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of a blog post this Tuesday – it’s been a pretty hectic week, and I just couldn’t find the time to get something ready.

I attended my first Malifaux tournament of 2015 last weekend, hosted at The Outpost in Sheffield. It was a very friendly and welcoming crowd, and while I got fairly well trounced (2 losses, 1 draw) it was still a very enjoyable and enlightening weekend. In particular, seeing McCabe leading a Ten Thunders crew for the first time – it was great to see an experienced player use him, since he’s such a new master for me.

I also managed to get a game in with a Stu of Need to Get Painting on Thursday night, with my Seamus going up against the forces of law and order in the form of Lady Justice. It was a fun game, and he was kind enough to knock up some more scenery for me!


The modular board, with thematic scenery.


An outpost platform, with a map of Malifaux for the uninitiated.


‘Ah, the Hitching Post. Where a traveller can hang his hat, rest his feet and buy the best beer this side of the Bayou’


‘Mayhaps there’s something mighty odd ’bout that there privvy. You best run get the marshal, son’


Who or what could be big enough to leave that handprint, I wonder…


Trouble at the Hitching Post! A frantic gunfight breaks out as Sybelle breaks down the door, only to be met by Samael Hopkins and Guild officers.

Right now my work space is a mix of Malifaux and Deadzone, so I’ll be working on those over the weekend. I’m hoping that the Deadzone Enforcers will be fairly quick to paint, given their very uniform appearance, and am looking forward to getting a game in at some point. I did play Deadzone about a year ago, and unfortunately can’t remember anything about it other than I enjoyed it(!).

Take care,



3 thoughts on “Too many games, not enough blogging

    • Unfortunately I don’t, but I’ll make a mental note to take a shot or two next time it’s set up :) One of my favourite features is that there’s two tiles with built-in terrain – a mine on one and a cliff on the other – and they can either fit on the corners, slot together on an edge, or be in the centre of the board since they’ve got a separate backing piece.

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