Relic Hunters: Painting Lucas McCabe’s crew

There’s some new faces in my Guild case – I’m not sure about their loyalty, but secretary Mattheson says they’re trustworthy!

I’ve always been a fan of Lucas McCabe and his relic hunters, and before Christmas I finally picked them up. Of course, it took me most of December to finish painting them due to work commitments, but here they are. The crew was quite simple and fun to assemble, with relatively few fiddly cables and the like. Thankfully McCabe’s bullwhip is one piece, though it’s still terrifyingly fragile!

DSCF7002A bit of backstory for any non-Malifaux players reading this – Lucas McCabe has been hired by Malifaux’s main law enforcement organisation, the Guild, specifically to hunt down treasures across Malifaux. What the Guild doesn’t know is that McCabe is actually already working for a crime family called the Ten Thunders, and organised his recruitment into the Guild in order to secretly infiltrate them!

With that in mind, I wanted him and his men to keep the thematic blue colour I’ve been using for the Guild, but for it to be a very minor colour rather than the main focal point. Instead I went for quite a muted colour scheme, using a lot of neutral browns and greys, with the blue used on minor parts of the models – McCabe’s neck scarf, for example, or the Wastrel’s waistcoat. I think that if (or, perhaps more accurately, when…) I get around to doing any more Ten Thunders characters I’ll stick to this same colour approach – so all the Ten Thunders models will be linked together by their muted colours, while also having the ‘thematic’ colour of the faction they’ve infiltrated as well. All this cross-faction hiring makes having a coherent colour scheme very difficult!

DSCF7008Lucas McCabe is quite unique as a master in that he’s the only one who’s mounted in-game. He always starts each game mounted, and when he takes a certain amount of damage he’s forced to dismount and move around on foot instead. So naturally you get two models in the crew box to represent him when he’s on horseback, and then later in game when he becomes a pedestrian(!).


Close-up of McCabe’s face detail.


Close-up of McCabe’s mounted model.

I painted both at the same time to ensure that they are in the same shades of colour, reinforcing the visual link between them and ensuring that mounted McCabe is obviously the same character as the on-foot version. I must confess that, like many other McCabe players before me, I did take some inspiration from Indiana Jones, as well as Quartermain from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I enjoyed painting McCabe on foot more than his mounted equivalent, but then again I’ve never been too confident when it comes to painting horses.


Sidir Alchibal.

Of course, no McCabe-led crew would be complete without his trusty companions! Sidir Alchibal was such fun to paint, and I took inspiration from Captain Nemo from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I went for a darker skin tone than normal, and used quite a bit more blue than the rest of the crew – despite his Ten Thunders allegiance, I rather like his turban being blue, and it provides a nice contrast to the white robes.

McCabe’s trusty hunting dog, Luna, was far simpler to paint – I simply mixed up a dark grey colour, and kept adding small amounts of white to each highlight. I was tempted to do her collar in blue, but decided that a classic brown leather collar was probably far more suitable! As such she’s the only member of the crew without the thematic blue colour, but given her status as a totem I don’t mind – after all, Sonnia’s totem doesn’t have any blue on it either!

And finally we have the Wastrels. I’ve actually got a whole post prepped for these three, so I’ll refrain from writing too much here!

In other Malifaux news, I’m working on another Guild crew right now, and am looking forward to another tournament in a couple of week’s time.

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