Malifaux: Painting Death Marshals

Despite painting these guys last year they’ve somehow missed being shown here, so here we go – the Guild’s elite undead hunters, the Death Marshals.

IMGP2552I wanted to keep a muted colour scheme, going for the traditional brown duster coats that you see in old western movies. The rest of their clothing is similarly drab, in greys and browns, and the hats were a darker mix of black and grey. In constrast, I wanted the magical fire to really stand out as the focal point of the model, and so worked my way up through various mixes of P3’s Cygnar blue and Army Painter matt white.

Death Marshals always seem to be a fairly solid choice in-game, particularly with Lucius thanks to their higher-than-average willpower. And their pine box is always a good option to have around :)

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2 thoughts on “Malifaux: Painting Death Marshals

  1. I like the idea of the drab clothing and bright blue flames, but the photography just isn’t allowing it to be shown off properly. Another photo on a brighter day would do wonders for them.

    In game they’re excellent value. Unimpeded and Finish the Job make them excellent for schemes, and although they’re a touch on the expensive side they are likely to be able to kill off any opposing scheme runners one-on-one.

    • I’ll definitely redo the photos at the weekend when it will (hopefully) be a bit brighter.

      I agree, Death Marshals are good at what they do. They’re one of my go-to scheme runner models in Guild crews, along with the Watcher now it’s been released in plastic.

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