Rush ‘n’ Crush [Painting] [Tabletop Tuesday]

Unsurprisingly I haven’t had much time for wargaming recently what with the Christmas period, but now we’re into the new year and back to the normal routine I’m back into my regular painting schedule. It seems that the Ten Thunders have infiltrated my painting table as well, since currently on the go is none other than Lucas McCabe and his crew of dastardly treasure-hunting ne’er-do-wells. Since none of them are quite finished yet, sadly, here’s some board game pieces I painted for a game I won at a charity auction earlier this year, Rush ‘n’ Crush.

IMGP2510IMGP2502Rush ‘n’ Crush is a fun racing game, set in the distant future. Car racing is just as popular as ever, but now each racer’s vehicle is loaded with various weapons and gadgets ranging from flamethrowers to machine guns to proximity mine dispensers! Fundamentally the game plays quite similarly to Formula D, but forgoes the corner mechanic for an interesting lane-switching mechanic instead. The track is about 9 or so modular pieces, most of them with various obstacles, debris and detritus on the road to force players to actually steer rather than just gunning it up to top speed! It’s definitely a fun aggressive-racing game, and one that I’d definitely recommend if it’s on offer / you fancy an hour or so of hilarous high-speed carnage.

IMGP2499I decided to paint the cars to make them look a little more visually immersive, going for a simple paintjob since they are only board game pieces after all! Each car was washed in Badab black to bring out the detail and help add some depth, and I then just picked out the cockpit, engines and the like before painting on whatever decals seemed appropriate. While I’d usually go for the U.N.A Dream Team as my racers of choice, I’m rather pleased with the chevrons on the Zombie team’s cars.

This week marks the start of my wargaming new year’s resolution – to use a different Malifaux master at least once a month. I’ve realised that I’ve been using Seamus too much, and while I do love him there are other masters in my case waiting for use!

Take care,



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