Tabletop Tuesday: 2014

It’s new year’s eve tomorrow, and it seems fitting that this week’s Tabletop Tuesday looks back at the past year.

First off, a big thank you to all my readers. I do enjoy writing these posts, and it’s great to see people reading and commenting – if it weren’t for you, I’d just be writing for myself which is far less fun :)

2014’s been a pretty big year for me in regards to wargaming, with the biggest point being my getting back into Malifaux after a year-and-a-bit hiatus. I’m not happy going into why I stopped – suffice to say it was nothing to do with the game but rather down to completely unrelated, very personal issues in my life. However, as I’m sure any readers will have noticed I’m thoroughly enjoying Malifaux again, and have started to get involved in local tournaments, attending my first this year and with three more booked in next year already. I’m delighted to be back into Malifaux, and hopefully now Christmas is over I’ll be able to get back to my regular painting schedule and you’ll see a lot more of it here!

We’ve also had a 40K campaign at my local wargaming club, though I must confess that my interest in 40K has waned to a low point now. More excitingly as far as GW games go, my beloved Wood Elves got a new army book! They also took part in an epic castle siege, helping the doughty dwarves defend the stronghold against besieging hordes of Chaos and undead. A full report’s up at my friend Gus’s blog over on I feel like I haven’t used my Wood Elves much since the new book, which is a shame since (lack of a Lore of Athel Loren aside, grumble grumble…) it’s a really nice book that keeps the theme of the asrai. The main issue I have is the lack of transport cases for them, particularly the newer models – my Treeman is on my bookcase, the Eternal Guard are on my computer desk, and the Wild Riders are on a shelf waiting to be built once I’ve got somewhere to keep them. I usually buy KR, but recently took a punt on a kickstarter campaign which I thought I’d use for the asrai. Here’s hoping they arrive soon…

I’ve also ventured into the dystopian world of Mantic’s Deadzone, after a demo game or two by a friend of mine. My Enforcers haven’t gotten very far yet since I’m still waiting on the kickstarter for the vast majority of the force, but I have assembled a few specialists and am planning how to paint them – I’m currently leaning towards the traditional matt grey-white, but with blue trimming and details. It’s also been a pretty major year in the rest of my life, with the highlight being me marrying my then-fiancé, now-wife!

I’ll finish this little ramble by wishing you all a very happy new year, and with a picture of my new Necron Lord model. I made this after the campaign my local club had a while back, and it seems that the prolonged battles did nothing for his sanity – if anything, he’s retreated further into his wonderland delusions!


He’s not really that glossy – unfortunately that’s the effect of my camera’s flash, which seemed to be mandatory on the particularly grey, dark morning I was photographing him!

Take care,



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