Painting Sonnia and the Witch Hunters [Malifaux] [Tabletop Tuesday]

Unfortunately I haven’t had much time for gaming this past week as things have been rather hectic. So, instead here’s a little winter warmer (of a kind…), Sonnia and her witch hunters.

IMGP2396I wanted to try out quite a different scheme to my old Sonnia crew, and blue is a colour that isn’t usually associated with her. I tried to keep it quite muted, with the exception of the Witchlings who ended up with blue robes for a bit of contrast.

IMGP2403I used more traditional colours on Sonnia herself, keeping with the thematic fiery red hair and burning flames on the sword. For now, the lantern she keeps Cherufe contained with is just plain metal, but I might try and do something more exciting with it when I get the time. Samael, on the other hand, was kept to almost entirely neutral colours as benefits his tracker role, but I enjoyed picking out the partial iron maiden on his belt and the other metal bits he carries for contrast.

IMGP2405And the Witchling Stalkers. I went for a muted blue colour, offset by very neutral colours such as browns and greys. I didn’t want the poor little guys to stand out too much, and deliberately went for a darker colour scheme. I think the blue robes worked out well, though, and help to add a bit of colour to them.

I definitely don’t get to play these guys anywhere near as much as I’d like – when I do play Guild I’m still more keen to play Lucius right now (shiny new toy syndrome, I suppose!). Will definitely make an effort to use them and do a battle report in 2015.

And finally, a very Merry Christmas to you all!!

Take care,



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