Malifaux: First impressions on Lucius (Guild Master)


(C) Wyrd Miniatures

I recently took a break from my favourite Mad Hatter for the evening, and got my first game in with Lucius in his M2E form. I ran him as a Guild master, albeit with the Surprisingly Loyal upgrade so I could take some mimic friends of his to support him. We only got one game in, which was Reckoning – not exactly the best Strategy for M2E Lucius, but I was determined to run him anyway! I went for a combination of mimics and minions, trying to get a nice balance between the Enforcers I wanted and the minions Lucius likes.

Lucius (Legalese, Surprisingly Loyal)
Doppleganger (Useless Duplications)
Mr Graves
Mr Tannen
2 Guild Guards
Death Marshal
Witchling Stalker

First off, Lucius was great fun to play. He’s quite different from my main Master, Seamus, in that he’s really a team player who likes delegating the hard work to his lackeys. His Commanding Presence ability is great fun, allowing him to move around a surprising amount despite his low walk while still handing out AP to the rest of his crew. It’s a little bit of a double-edged sword in that the TN13 is quite high for most minions, and failure results in being paralyzed (though that’s what the Witchling Stalker is there for!). I found myself using it less after the first turn, unsurprisingly, when those high cards became more imporant for opposed duels against my opponent rather than Horror duels!

Most of Lucius’s actions also help him support his minions, lending to quite an interesting style of gameplay where I found myself relying on the little guys perhaps a bit more than I usually do. His (1) action Issue Command is fantastic, and I don’t think I made enough use of it or the triggers he can pull off. The brilliantly-named What Lackeys Are For is another fantastic ability, and surprisingly isn’t limited to minions. This, plus Mr Graves and his Show Ya The Door action, plus the Doppleganger and her mimicking Show Ya The Door, resulted in a surprising amount of maneuverability for a Guild crew.

Anyway, I shall have to have a few more games with him before I write up any tactics that seem to work well for me :) Having said that, my Black Friday order may just have arrived, and I’ve been waiting to play Tara since she was first released, so…. :D

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