Tabletop Tuesday: Puppet Wars Unstitched painted at last!

Finally all the bases are cut, the paint applied and the varnish sprayed – my Puppet Wars Unstitched is completely finished! This is quite a picture-intensive post :)

One thing that struck me throughout the assembly and painting process is how characterful these models are, and how it’s the little details that really make them shine. That’s certainly part of what made them such fun to paint – picking out those little touches and making them stand out. It was also fun to paint them a bit brighter than I usually would, since I felt that brightly coloured fabrics were more suited to puppets. The unifying feature is the cloth ‘skin’, which I wanted to have some depth but not to look like flesh. To this end, I started with a base of P3’s Hammerfall Khaki, highlighting this with Games Workshop’s Dheneb Stone before washing it with Lavado Fleshtone Shade. I think this helps to give them a touch of warmth and life, without overpowering the beige cloth colour.

IMGP2304IMGP2305So first up are the Masters! Seamus in particular stands out as a favourite of mine (surprise surprise…) – I particularly like the details such as the human fingers in his ‘bag o’ tools’, that looks suspiciously like a rather battered old clutch purse that Zorida decided to sew on to him! As much as I wanted to paint him either in the modern brown suit or my classic blue, I kept to his iconic turquoise suit with stylish pink trimming. I did do his hair black, though, as a little nod to the post-event Seamus.

IMGP2311The sidekicks (I nearly typed ‘enforcers’ there out of sheer force of habit!) are a lovely set of models, and really stand out from the crowd. I think I’m most pleased with how Alyce turned out, while unfortunately Misaki’s the one I’m least pleased with. I chickened out of trying to do her dress in yellow, and went for blue instead. In hindsight, I think I should have broken my rule and completely disregard the card artwork – I’ve seen someone else paint her in blue and purple, and I think that would’ve worked really well. Still, she looks good enough and I’m in no hurry to repaint her.

IMGP2313IMGP2315IMGP2316IMGP2319IMGP2322IMGP2323IMGP2326IMGP2328IMGP2330IMGP2332IMGP2333IMGP2340IMGP2338IMGP2342IMGP2345And then we have the minions! I think I’m most pleased with the Cherubs and the Convict Gunslingers, while unfortunately the Rotten Belles are the ones I’m least pleased with. Even after some washes the yellow is still a bit too bright for my liking, and is more banana-yellow than the shade shown in the artwork! Still, since they’re puppets made from scraps of fabric I don’t mind too much.

It’s great to have the whole box painted, and I can’t wait to get a game in. I’ll try and do a short report here when I do, since it’s been a while since I managed to write up a game. In the meantime, I might have picked up a few of the old metal puppets in Wyrd’s Black Friday event, so there’s more to come next year!

Take care,



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