Tabletop Tuesday: 50ss Malifaux tournament

m2e seamus

(c) Wyrd Miniatures

I attended a Malifaux tournament this Sunday just gone, with three 50ss games timed at around 2 hours each. Despite having played Malifaux since just after 1.5 was released this was my first tournament, and a very interesting and different experience. In particular, the time limit was more of a difference than I expected, with most games getting to the end of turn three before the clock ran out. In one game at least I slipped into my usual style of play, and ended up losing when the game ended at the end of turn three rather than running for five turns!

Overall I’m pretty happy with how I did, ending up pretty middle-of-the-road with one win, one draw, and one loss. I ran Seamus all three games, since apart from being my favourite master he’s also the one I’m most familiar with. I went with a crew focus on the various ‘discard or die’ triggers he and his crew do so well, taking the Necrotic Preparation, Red Chapel Killer and Bag o’ Tools upgrades to help with this focus. It worked out really well, particularly in the second game which, despite ending in a draw, was possibly my favourite game of the day. Managing to force my opponent to discard down to one soulstone, and killing both a mature Nephilim and Nekima (with devour and the bag respectively) by the end of turn two, pretty much exemplifies how I hoped the crew would work! My opponent did some fantastic scheme-running with his Terror Tots, to the point where I couldn’t catch up with them in time to prevent the game ending in a draw with 9vp each.

Overall it was great fun, and I’m looking forward to whenever I can next get time to attend a tournament (probably January, at this rate). In the meantime we’ve got Wyrd’s Black Friday sale to look forward to! Everything’s just been announced this morning, and I’m pretty ecstatic that Tara’s been re-released :D

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